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Promoting Internationalization of Higher Education: Strategic Interventions

Reseacher: Dr. Sanjay Pawar, Dr. Tajamul Islam

An Empirical research to support policy making on international student mobility: a National Education Policy 2020 perspective

Researcher:- Dr. Sanjay K. Pawar, Dr. Hirak Dasgupta

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Developing Vroom’s Expectancy Model to increase Academic Library usage using grounded theory

Researcher: Brig. Dr. Rajiv Divekar, Dr. Komal Chopra, Ms. Dipali More

Purpose - The purpose of study is to understand the motivation of academic library users by developing Vroom’s expectancy theory in the context of academic libraries using the grounded theory approach. Design - The grounded theory approach has been used for data collection, analysis and development of theory. The data were collected through the process of theoretical sampling. Interviews of faculty (20) and students (65) belonging to government and private universities in India were recorded and transcribed till theoretical saturation was achieved. The interviews were analysed in three stages, i.e. open coding, axial coding and selective coding, to identify concepts of Vroom’s theory and integrate them into a theoretical model. Findings- The components of Vroom’s theory, i.e. motivation, expectancy, instrumentality and valence were generated from data. The motivation to visit an academic library can be classified as intrinsic motivation and force choice motivation. Expectancy in the context of academic libraries is related to ease or difficulty in accessing library and its resources which relates to ease of location access, timing access, remote access, access to siblings and discipline norms for access. Instrumentality is related to infrastructure, information, service and promotion. Valence is related to pleasure and satisfaction. The concepts were integrated into a theoretical model. Practical implications The understanding of user motivation through Vroom’s theory will help academic libraries to increase user motivation, thereby increasing usage of library resources. Originality/value Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation in the context of academic libraries was developed using the grounded theory approach.

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Best Boardroom Practices - Comparison Between Select Companies from Germany and India

Reseacher:- Brig. Dr. Rajiv Divekar, Dr. Pravin Kumar, Dr. Komal Chopra, Dr. Pradnya Chitrao, Prof. P K Rajagopal, Ms. Sanchari Debgupta,