Workshop Conferences

Name of Workshop / Seminar Number of Participants From To Resource Person Short Note
AI in Banking and Risk Management 59 09-01-2021 09-01-2021 Mr. Sandipan Ray It was an Interactive Session Understanding the increasing relevance of AI in Banking sector.
Make money while you sleep or Work till you die 145 06-02-2021 06-02-2021 Mr. Jalpesh Mehta The Session focused on the importance of personal finance and investing and spoke to them at length about the latest trends currently prevailing in the world of personal finance.
Workshop on Game Theory and Problem Solving 28 05-03-2021 05-03-2021 Dr. Tanmoy Das The Workshop focused on Game Theory and also its applications in todays time.
Design Thinking Workshop 18 13-03-2021 13-03-2021 Ms. Shaheen Maniar The Workshop concentrated on the Design Thinking is a dynamic field which can actually help modern day managers come up with sustainable solutions which also aid in overall organizational development.
E Summit 2021 135 12-03-2021 13-03-2021 Mr. Sayantan Mookherjee & Mr. Arjun Panchal Mr. Prashant Maharaj, Mr. Manvir Singh Anand & Mr. Jinesh Shah. Survey E - Summit 2021 focused on the Business Plan Competition,Business Simulation Competition and Panel Discussion which was fruitful to all the students.
Demymstifying Union Budget 64 09-02-2021 09-02-2021 Mr. Chandrashekhar Tilak The Session was to get an insight of the major highlights and step taken by government in Union Budget 2021-22, in the backdrop of unprecedented Covid-19 crisis.
Kaleidoscope 60 06-02-2021 06-02-2021 Mr. Vishal Bhagat,Mr. Jagannathan Sekar, Ms Chhavi Sinha and Ms. Anusha Chokhani The event focused on to be able to suggest innovative solutions of developing a feasible and adaptable HR Framework for a hybrid workforce. It also To develop basic understanding of the concept in regards to the theme i.e, Hybrid workforce.
La -Fin Event 170 25-02-2021 25-02-2021 Mr Indrajeet Sengupta The Session was to provide student managers a virtual platform to showcase their talent and To de-stress and motivate student managers during these unprecedented times.
E - Talks 56 23-01-2021 23-01-2021 Mr. Prashant Maharaj The Session was on to extensively covered different aspects related to start-up opportunities after this pandemic.
Insurance Sector - A world of opportunities 591 06-02-2021 06-02-2021 Mr. Rohan Puranik Mr. Harsh Chhajer Marsh, Mumbai Mr. Vinay Karthik Ms. Kriti Bhardwaj Mr. Sarath Kolli The Session was to understand different avenues and roles within the Insurance Sector and various aspects of the Insurance sector such as Profiles, Work Life Balance, Target Pressure, Career Prospects, Compensation & Incentives etc.
Trends in the Banking sector 451 10-04-2021 10-04-2021 Mr. Anupam Guha, Mr. Aman Virk, Mr. Mohit Bedi The Session was to understand different avenues and roles within the Banking Sector and various aspects of the Banking Sector such as Profiles, Work Life Balance, Target Pressure, Career Prospects, Compensation & Incentives etc.
Self-defense workshop 161 25-01-2021 28-01-2021 Mr. Satish D. Rajhance The Session was on to teach female student managers the art of self defense in Life.
Secret Code of Implementing L&D 68 06-03-2021 06-03-2021 Ms. Ruchi Tyagi The Session was to understand Learning and Development nuances based on Secret code of L &D.
SIMS Mun 96 27-02-2021 27-02-2021 Mr. Talmiz Ahmad The Session focused on to put into perspective how pandemic has shaped India and what are the prospective future trends and challenges for India.
SIP Guest Session 316 23-03-2021 23-03-2021 Mr. Amol Raut The Session was on the to help student managers understand the importance of Summer Internship Program.
SMARK Consult 161 10-02-2021 10-02-2021 Deepak Grover The Session concentrated on to get an insight on the digital marketing strategies used by Start Ups.
Three Career Development Frameworks 350 12-06-2021 12-06-2021 Mr Tariq Ahmad The Session expertise around social, cloud and security with exposure to both tactical as well as strategic initiatives. It was good session for students.
Josh to Win - Motivational Talk 350 08-06-2021 08-06-2021 Mr Prakash Rohera Session was the motivational speech made it clear that “Josh / Excellence is always a choice.
Psychometric  350 08-06-2021 08-06-2021 Mr. Milind Apte Session was on Psycho profiling is recognized and accepted by the society so that aptitude, talent, and orientation of an individual is in sync with the job profile or job role.
The Mantra Approch 350 08-06-2021 08-06-2021 Mr Subhrajyoti Bhattacharya Session was related to Brand Ambassador Programs’ or ‘B-School Competitions’ are a way to a holistic development of every individual.
New Age Organization 350 09-06-2021 09-06-2021 Ms. Swati Patil It was related to wisdom on how to prepare we for the corporate world which is changing every moment.
Interaction with the MBA Students 350 09-06-2021 09-06-2021 Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman Session was one of the most impactful sessions in Symbiosis, especially in the current pandemic situation.
Empowering Young Minds Through NLP 350 10-06-2021 10-06-2021 Mr. Gavin Rego Session was on Meta Programmmes and problems related to Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Motivational Session 350 10-06-2021 10-06-2021 Dr. Dilip Nandkeoly Session was on motivational sessions to the budding young generation of our Students. 
Build Resilience & Prepare for the Future 350 11-06-2021 11-06-2021 Mr. Sanjiv Tripathy Session was releted to Build reseliance future and prepare well for the Students.  
Gender Sensitization 350 11-06-2021 11-06-2021 Ms. Renuka Mukadam Gender Sensitization and its issues in today's times were addressed well in the Session. 
Employability Factor 350 11-06-2021 11-06-2021 Mr Vishal Bhagat Employbility factor and its issues and problems were addresed during the Session.
Why Do Managers Fail? 350 12-06-2021 12-06-2021 Mr. Ashutosh Sharma The Importance of Corporate managers in today's times were addressed during the Session.
What you need to do to succeed in life? 350 12-06-2021 12-06-2021 Mr. Saurabh Kholkure Role of Success and why it is required in today's times was addressed during the Session.
Entrepreneurship & Incubation opportunities at Symbiosis 350 14-06-2021 14-06-2021 Mr. Ismail Akbani and Mr. Yogesh Brahmankar Entrepreneurship & Incubation opportunities were explored and addressed during the Session.
Importance of MBA in the post Covid world 350 14-06-2021 14-06-2021 Mr Shashank Shwet The need and importance of MBA  in the post Covid world were discussed during the session. 
Power of Attention and Concentration 350 15-06-2021 15-06-2021 Ms. Deepti Jandial The Session was on Power of Attention and Concentration with elucidate the power of a mindful and an alert brain was discussed during the session.
Leveraging the SIMS edge 350 16-06-2021 16-06-2021 Mr. Nikhil Nath The Session concentrated on wide discussion on Leveraging the SIMS edge topic.
Design Thinking 350 16-06-2021 16-06-2021 Dr. Bala Ramadurai Design thinking and its importance was concentrated on the Session.
Future of Marketing 353 16-06-2021 16-06-2021 Mr. Pradyut Hande Future of Marketing and its growth and prospects were discussed during the session. 
Management Games 355 17-06-2021 17-06-2021 Dr. Pradnya Chitrao  Soft Skills and management games were conducted during the session.
Fostering Interpersonal Skills 352 18-06-2021 18-06-2021 Ms Archana Dahiya Prashar and Ms Smita Mishra Fostering Interpersonal Skills were discussed during the session for student development.
All Eyes on India 354 19-06-2021 19-06-2021 Ms Sonal Pandey Enterprises value resilience and adaptability were discussed with the Students.
Careers in Analytics 352 19-06-2021 19-06-2021 Dr R Raman Data and Analytics Career were discussed during the Session with all the Students.
Managing Self – Way Ahead in Current Times 351 19-06-2021 19-06-2021 Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhyay Managing Self during tuff times ahead was discussed during the session.Career Coach, Change and Transition Specialist were discussed during the Session.
Mentoring Session by Alumni 357 21-06-2021 21-06-2021 Daphine Rose, Dr. Swati Vispute Alumni Session was organised for students to know about SIMS and Alumni Students shared experience duing session.
Future of Work 352 21-06-2021 21-06-2021 Mr. Sasi Kumar Sundarajan The Importance of future of work and skill aquasition was discussed during the session.
Pranay Session 357 21-06-2021 21-06-2021 Dr. Chitrao, Dr. Swati Vispute CSR activity and NGO Well being and development was discussed during the session.
Leadership Lessons from the Army. 255 26-06-2021 26-06-2021 Dr. (Brig) Rajiv Diwekar Leadership Lession from the Army with its Outcomes were discussed during the session.
Significance of Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Culture: The Taj Story 326 17-07-2021 17-07-2021 Dr. P V Murthy Impact and the role of emotional intelligence were widely discussed for the Session.
Tête-à-Tête 353 31-07-2021 31-07-2021 Ms. Rakshita Dubey Session was perceived as informative, interactive, having enlightening content and corporate relevance which was well supported with the alumnus’ personal experiences.
Panel Discussion on Story Telling  342 06/08/21 06/08/21 Mr. Sachin Bhandary (Business storytelling coach), CA Parinita Adukia (Founder of Portraiture),
Mr. Giridhar S (Barrel Exhaust)
The session was informative, interactive, and enlightening content and its relevance in real life which was very well supported with examples
Curtain Raiser 2021 33 15/08/21 21/08/21 Dr. Pradnya Chitrao, Dr. Swati Madathamana, Dr. Mita Mehta, Dr. Jaya Chitranshi, Mr. Abhishek Singh, Mr. Aman Rajabali Participants showed great analytical skills and time management and had first of its kind virtual extempore.
Effective use of Digital Platform 20 17/08/21 17/08/21 Dr. R Raman Technology is ever-changing and so is the need to adapt to these digital revolutions. The session is arranged in a bid to upskill the faculty of SIMS Pune with the know-how to make the best use of online digital platforms.
Career Pe Charcha: Panel Discussion 296 21/08/21 21/08/21 Mr. Rajesh Angal, Dr. Vrushank Buch, Mr. Rohit Chaudhary, Ms. Priya Patra, Mr. Jacob Zachariah The panel discussion held on the topic that makes todays generation to think about choosing between career and passion. 
Consultancy: A World of Opportunities 643 21/08/21 21/08/21 Ms Sonal Pandey (Assistant Manager - Talent, Delloitte), Mr. Rajashekhar K (Principal consultant, PwC), Mr. Raghav Kochhar (Manager - Business Consulting,Ernest & Young), Mr. Anish Gughe (Partner and Co-founder, EnvisionPoint LLP) The Team Outreach organsied a session that gave student managers information on the different segments of the consulting sector and different categories of the consulting firms. The session also enlighten attendees about different profiles and various aspects of the consulting sector such as career and growth prospects, work-life balance etc and various skill sets, certifications, preparations and expertise required to grow in the consulting sector .
SIMS Youth Parliament 2021 425 27/08/21 27/08/21 Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha) SIMS Youth Parliament 2021 was organised by SIMS MUN Society. Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha) delivered a talk on “Role of Youth in India’s Development”.
How to make a presentation 272 28/08/21 28/08/21 Mr. Subhrajyoti Bhattacharya The session covered different aspects of how to go about making presentation
Workshop on Personal Finance & Taxation 161 01/09/21 01/09/21 Mr. Tarun Bothra (Valuation Professional, Freelance Corporate Trainer) SIMS Economic Think Tank (SIMSETT) organised a workshop for providing practical advice on personal finance, investment planning, retirement planning, and tax planning. It also explained the attendees how 'risk' is measured differently for each of us and how important it is to cut unnecessary expenses
early in one's career.
Virtual Speed Mentoring 51 04/09/21 04/09/21 Mr. Aditya Pal Singh (Director Head - Talent Acquisition, Informatica), Ms. Payal Gandhi Hoon (NLP Coach and Global Master Facilitator, Tamarailife)  Mr. Nikhil Nath (RFP Team Leader, Fidelity International & CFA/FRM/CAIA trainer ), Ms. Dhriti Kapur (Marketing - Cruises, Digital, Events and Partnerships, Singapore Tourism Board), Mr. Sanjay Rautela (Associate Director, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories) Mr. Kaushal Bisht (Senior Manager - Presales, Capgemini), Mr. Pradyut Hande (Lead Product Marketing Manager, Insider), Mr. Pratik Kulkarni (Territory sales manager, Redington) Ms. Ramya Lather (Analyst - Talent Development Diversity and Inclusion, Morgan Stanley), Ms. Rithika Menon ( Full-time Recruiter, Leap.Club India)  SIMS Alumni Cell arrange the one-to-one mentoring session for student managers. The session was to mentor the student managers with the right guidance in today’s times while having a unique and flexible mindset, especially in the nascent stages of their careers.
Why to Choose Finance as a Specialization 272 08/09/21 08/09/21 Mr. Nikhil Nath (RFP Team Leader - Fedility and CFA/ FRM/ CAIA Trainer) The session was organised for first year MBA student to understand "why to choose finance as a specialisation"
Webinar on Interview Techniques and Resume Building 247 09/09/21 09/09/21 Mr. Anurag Sharma (Founder -  Learning from Ant Consulting LLP) The Team Outreach organised a interactive session on interview techniques and resume building. The participants learnt the importance of academic and social awareness, situation-based questions and achievement analysis which is fundamental for interview preparation. The guest also discussed how personality assessment, body language, introduction, surprise elements, communication skills are essential ingredients of an interview and plays a vital role in the selection process.
FINTECH-Shaping the Indian economic landscape in pandemic and its implications 295 11/09/21 11/09/21 Dr. Goutam Sanyal (Retail Risk, Operational
Risk and Credit Monitoring, ICICI Bank), Mr. Vaibhav Sharma (Director -Digital Financial Services
and Fintechs Area, Deloitte India), Ms. Monica Jasuja, Mr. Pramod Upadhyaya (CEO, Livewell Green)
The panel discussion gave an insight into the current state of Fintech, its evolution,
its impacts on BFSI sector, future of Fintech in India and challenges associated with it.
4Thought Conclave 320 11/09/21 11/09/21 Mr. Pushpesh Singh (Vice President – Sales, ZEE5) , Ms. Sneha Singh (Ex-Senior Director – Product Management, VOOT), Mr. Karan Ahuja (Director – Content Strategy, MX Player), Mr. Sreerama Suprath (Vice President, ZEE5) The panelist shared their personal experience, views and opinions on the current state of OTT and its relevance in the entertainment industry, how its growth affect the media consumption and how it is different from traditional modes of media.
Case Boffin Workshop 108 18/09/21 19/09/21 Mr. Shubhrajyoti Bhattacharya The session gave insight and edge to SIMS students in Case Study Competition
BFSI: The Emerging Scenarios 643 18/09/21 18/09/21 Mr. Harsh Gahlaut (Founder & Chief Executive Officer, FinEdge Advisory), Mr. Arjun Chib (MD, Global Head CPBB Onboarding
Operations Right Shoring, Standard Chartered Bank), Ms. Shimali Singh (ENO, Credit Suisse)
The Team Outreach organised session on understanding importance of maintaining balance between analytical skills and strong interpersonal skills in BFSI. The session also helped students gain valuable tips to shape their careers and ways and key skills to
become successful in the BFSI industry.
Bunka Koryu: Breaking Through Barriers of Working Cultures 358 23/09/21 23/09/21 Mr. Tomio Isogai (Freelance Advisor in Indo-Japanese Relations, Vice President HR & IT, Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd.), Ms. Neha Sharma (Senior Talent Acquisition Executive, Wipro, Yokohama),  The panel facilitates a meaningful discussion on the difference in business aspects and working cultures of India and Japan.
Placement Preparation and Job Opportunities in HR and Consulting Sector 127 23/09/21 23/09/21 Mr. Jagmohan Singh Rishi (Global Head – Learning & Development, Wockhardt Ltd) The Workshop was organized for students to guide them to enhance their employability skills in HR. The session also covered current trends and job opportunities in the sector. 
Placement Preparation and Job Opportunities in Operations and Supply Chain Management 39 24/09/21 24/09/21 Mr. Rajendra Krishn Ganpuley (Founder Director, Seiho Management Services) The Workshop was organized for students to guide them to enhance their employability skills in Operations and Supply Chain Management. The session also covered current trends and job opportunities in the sector. 
Colosseum 2021 417 25/09/21 25/09/21 Ms. Soumi Alphons (Chief People Officer, Volkswagen IT Services India), Ms. Poonam Narang (Head HR - Emerging Markets, Dr Reddy's Laboratories), Ms. Yojana Gawade (People & Organization (HR) Director, Mars Pet Nutrition India), Mr. Joy George (Sr. Director and Head HR, CDK Global, India), Mr. Pankaj Pradeep (Associate Vice President and Head Human Resources, Fiat India Automobile Private Ltd.), Mr. Sudipto Mandal (ice President and CHRO, Star Cement Ltd.) Colosseum 2021, an Annual HR Conference organised by SIMS HR club "People Tree" on Re-imagining HR – Employee experience in new normal. The panel discussion on how HR leaders helped organizations and employees adopt to the change in working culture in new normal, various challenges and how did they overcome these through innovations and technology, and reiterated the changes that took place in the working environment and the skillsets that are required to get adopted to the new normal.
Industrial Revolution 4.0 359 25/09/21 25/09/21 Mr. Harmeet Singh Kapoor (L’Oréal India Private Limited), Mr. Sunil Mehta (Founder, Verdis), Mr. Pradeep Mishra, Mr. Manish Chordia (founder Rescon Partners) The guest speakers enlightened participants on how methods of Industrial Revolution 4.0 have been incorporated by their industries. They also spoke about how this field is a good career option to look into and gave their insights on the changes adapted and taken up to modernize and improve the processes involved in production.
Webinar on Group Discussion 161 29/09/21 29/09/21 Mr Anurag Sharma (founder, Learning from Ant Consultancy LLP) The interactive session gave insights regarding skills tested during GD, awareness of the GD topics, how to put forward one's point, how to conclude GD etc. 
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
Session on Career in Buy Side Equity Research 07/08/2020 07/08/2020 SIMS Pune Ms. Nimisha Pandit Enlightened Session, the students about the difference between sell side and buy side equity research. She then explained about different skill sets required to begin career in this field. 60
Session on Wealth Management and Career in Finance 25/08/2020 25/08/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Vaibhav Jain (CFA) The Session insights on the career trajectory in this field and how can one get started. 54
Business Plan Workshop 04/09/2020 04/09/2020 SIMS Pune Mr Arjun Panchal It was interactive session with diverse and real-life examples for each stage of Business Plan. 131
Curtain Raiser 2020 06/09/2020 11/09/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Gaurav Dixit and Mr. Aman Rajabali The judges shared impressive thoughts too. Like This is more of cultural change than policy change. The need to consider business outcomes was also highlighted 23
Strategem 2020 12/09/2020 12/09/2020 SIMS Pune Dr. Brinda Jagirdar, Mr. Rajeev Mantri, Mr. Harsh Gupta, Madhusudan, Mr. Arun Karna The event saw active participation and interaction of audience with the panelists on the topic “Covid-19, ‘The Black Swan’ of Global Economy 210
HR Colloquial & Panel Discussion 03/10/2020 03/10/2020 SIMS Pune "Mr. Sadashib Padhee- CHRO, Vice President HR & IT, Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd 2. Mr. Unmesh Pawar- Partner, Head- People Performance & Culture, KPMG 3. Ms. Dimple Kaloya- Senior Vice President, Head of HR Consulting, HSBC 4. Ms. Samriti Malhotra" "It was a meaningful discussion on the challenges brought forth for the Human Resources while adjusting to the New Normal, the solutions to these to enable business continuity and the future of HR." 390
Entrepreneurial Marketing Workshop 24/10/2020 24/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Gujral "The Discussion about Various marketing strategies an entrepreneur could apply in order to grab a better hold in the market, Importance of Social Media Marketing including vital methods and ways. " 54
Platformization of Financial Services and Future of Careers in Investment Industry 09/10/2020 09/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Ujjwal Jain The talk started with elucidation of the term “Platformization” in various sectors, followed by an eloquent discussion wherein recent developments of Reliance and Amazon Web Services were cited as illustrations, as how these companies are providing platforms to access various traditional services like shopping, banking, food delivery, through their online platforms. 100
Session on Media Planing 14/10/2020 14/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Abhishek Gulyani "The Interactive discussion about what is Media and Media Planning setting the tone of the session. Here the students were given the insights about the Media Objectives and Message format." 131
Leadership Talk - “The New Normal: What to Stop, Start and Accelerate 29/10/2020 29/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Keshav R Murugesh "The Session had Learning Concepts of Hypersurge, HyperLead • Skill set required for new roles • Trend of Work from Anywhere • Learnings from various industry experiences • How organisations have dealt with the pandemic? • Managing the Human Capital in times of Pandemic". 560
Ultimate Case Cracker 30/10/2020 31/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Shubhrajyoti Bhattacharya "The session was a great success, students had multiple questions and each was answered with utmost zeal and passion Choosing The Session had Case Study Competition • Team Formation • Understanding Core Question • Topic Research • Preparation of One Slider." 67
Marketplace -The Jungle in Real Life 17/10/2020 17/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi "The Session Spoke about An understanding of the modern world of marketing and the problems associated with it. • An introduction to the marketplace as an analogy of the jungle." 170
A Career in Cybersecurity Post MBA 06/11/2020 06/11/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Ashish Kumar " The Session saw the Need of Cyber Security in India • GDPR • Job opportunities for all specialization in Cyber Security post MBA • SQL Injection" 132
Global Leaders Summit 13/10/2020 17/10/2020 SIMS Pune Chandra Vikram, Meghdoot Kartik, Rajesh Jika Etc "It was Good Pannel Discussion Finance Panel - Financial firms are analysing the risk factors, their human andwork capital to stay in business during this pandemic. The Points were;- ● Media Panel - OTT also gaining more viewers as sports leagues and competitions . ● IT/ITES Panel - Work from home is not a new practice as there are many freelancers who work for multiple organizations remotely. But currently it has been adopted by the organizations for almost all of their employees. ● Manufacturing Panel - Steps taken by Indian government to encourage assembly of Electrical and Electronic items in India under the Aatm Nirbhar Bharat. ● HR/Consulting Panel - How will companies deal with the blurring boundaries of work and home" 400
Building Your Online Presence 05/11/2020 05/11/2020 SIMS Pune Ms. Shital Kakkar Mehra The Guest emphasised on curating one’s online presence to suit their personality. Her Mantra for the situation was to be presentable and be ready as you would be physically. 85
Interpretive Structural Modelling Workshop 07/10/2020 12/10/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. Gaurav Rana The workshop was to introduce the qualitative systematic research methodology called ‘Interpretive Structural Modelling’ to the students in order to accelerate their learning of the subject and expedite their implementation of this knowledge in the form of papers as part of the course. 337
Fdp on Identification of Predatory and clones Journal 01/10/2020 01/10/2020 SIMS Pune Dr. Sumit Narula The Session was about Identifying Cloned Journals Identifying Predatory Journals 32
An Insight into Advertising 26/12/2020 26/12/2020 SIMS Pune Ms. Namita Liz Koshy The Session explained to the student managersabout the importance of advertising and talked to them about the latest trends in the world of advertising. 203
SIMS 11th Annual International Research Conference 22/12/2020 23/12/2020 SIMS Pune Mr. P. Dwarakanath Mr. M.S Unnikrishnan (Others) The conference was to create a platform for researchers from various domains to come together and discuss breakthrough works in the area of social sciences 560
SIMSARC Workshop 2020 21/12/2020 21/12/2020 SIMS Pune Dr. Pawan Jain, Dr. Nayak, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Workshop concentrated on How to Make Online Teaching More Effective Big Data Analytics Research Marketing research design, tools and analysis. 52
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
Power BI Workshop 12/07/2019 12/08/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Mr Tushar Sharma, alumnus of SIMS and founder of VOKS The student Research Cell of SIMS, organised a two day workshop on Power BI for MBA Batch 2019-21. The workshop was conducted by Mr Tushar Sharma, alumnus of SIMS and founder of VOKS 35
R Programing 16/11/2019 16/11/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Mr. Pratik Gadia's (Visiting Faculty Sims) R Programming session was a very fruitful session conducted by Mr. Pratik Gadia for all the faculty members of SIMS and it was well conducted session on R Programming. 12
Preparing proposals for funded Research Projects 19/10/2019 19/10/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Dr. Bidyut Ghosh and Prof. Rajan Dash, Assistant Professor in SSE, Pune. "Research Proposal is a first interaction/ idea sharing happen between the researcher and funding organization. Funding organizations evaluate the proposal at the basis of cost and its potential impact of proposed research. Therefore, preparing a fruitful researchproposal becomes very important for winning research projects from government andnon-government organizations. A faculty Development Program was organized for guiding SIMS faculty in applying and preparing effective research proposal for government and non-government funding organizations.Ghosh and Prof. Rajan Dash, Assistant Professor in SSE, Pune" 14
Colloseum 27/09/2019 27/09/2019 SIMS Auditorium 1) Anand Khot, HR Leader for GBS CIC Industrial Sector IBM India Pvt Limited 2) Clifford Mohan Pai, GPHR Associate Vice President, Head – Employee Relations Infosys BPO Ltd 3) Rashi Anand Moolayil , Director – Human Resources, Birlasoft Ltd 4) Seeja Sreedharan Head HR, Volvo Financial Services Along with the Moderator for the event 5) Awantika Bhardwaj Vice President Employee Success, Abzooba India Infotech Pvt. Ltd. COLOSSEUM is the Annual HR Panel Discussion at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies conducted by the SIMS HR Club – “The People Tree”. The session serves as a platform for intellectual conversation between corporate dignitaries and student managers wherein current issues that are pertinent to HR and have an impact on the organization are discussed. 336
Strategem 14/09/2019 14/09/2019 SIMS Auditorium Kisore Pradhan (CEO OF Global Trade Services, Chandrasheker Tilak (Executive VP NSDL) Pravin Bhudhaliya (Founder Degree212) Mr Ashish Chandrokar (VP Campegini) Hemant Thakar (Ceo Education Belt) Strategem 2019 was about recession Clarity of thoughts on the concept of recession and Growth recession. It was Knowledge enrichment in understandingmacroeconomics. It also Keeping abreast with the latest economic trends and jargons influencing India and Understanding the stages and causes of recession 336
4thoughts 14/09/2019 14/09/2019 SIMS Auditorium Mr. Saksham Sarode (Director, Cognizant) Mr. Sebastian Mony (Advisor at Mckinsey & Company, Mumbai) Mr. Nilesh Sahasrabudhe ( VP, Tieto and Emerging Technology leader) Mr. Madan Bajpai (Sales & Distribution Specialist, Founder- Madan Bajpai & Associates, Pune) 4 Thought event was very well conducted.It was to educate us on the challenges and possibilities in Business Practices in Emerging Markets,eminent dignitaries from the industry having immense knowledge and expertise on the topic would be sharing their insights. 336
Tableau Workshop 31/07/2019 01/08/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Mr. Hemant Thakar (Ceo Education Belt) The student Research Cell of SIMS organised a four day workshop on Tableau. Students were divided into two groups where each group attended the workshop for two days. Professor Hemant Thakar, visiting faculty at SIMS and founder of EducationBelt conducted the session along with his team. Students were taught the basic features of tableau on day 1 and hands on experience using real time problems were taught on day 2. Certificates were given to all the attendees. 112
Tableau Workshop 07/08/2019 08/08/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Mr.Hemant Thakar (Ceo Education Belt) The student Research Cell of SIMS organised a four day workshop on Tableau. Students were divided into two groups where each group attended the workshop for two days. Professor Hemant Thakar, visiting faculty at SIMS and founder of EducationBelt conducted the session along with his team.Students were taught the basic features of tableau on day 1 and hands on experience using real time problems were taught on day 2. Certificates were given to all the attendees. 112
SEM- Exlporatory Factory Analysis 27/07/2019 27/07/2019 SIMS Comp Lab Dr. Tajamul Islam (Assistant Professor Sims) Faculty Development program was conducted on Structural Equation Modelling for enhancing faculty’s knowledge on this techniques. The program was extended session of the session conducted on 22nd July 2019, conducted on 27th July 2019. The resource person was internal faculty Dr. Tajamul Islam, Marketing faculty SIMS. The program was specifically concentrating on Exploratory Factor analysis which is specific to factor analysis. 11
FDP on Design Thinking 12/02/2019 12/02/2019 Chanakya SIMS Pune Mr. Sumit Roy (Independent Educator) It was an intensive FDP on Design Thiniking where he used Practical concepts to use and made an active session by giving various Task to the Faculty Members 22
FDP on Research Collaborations 27/02/2019 27/02/2019 Chanakya SIMS Pune Dr. Fahim Youssofzai Associate Professor Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, Otario, Canada) The Faculty Development Program conducted at SIMS on “Research Collaboration” is on same lines. The resource person was Dr. Fahim Youssofzai from Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, Otario, Canada). The FDP aimed to explore the world collaborative research. The FDP was beneficiary for faculty members who are doing research individually in their own specific subject area. They might have gain understanding and benefits of collaborative research ventures. 13
Independent Directors Resettlement Program 04/02/2019 15/02/2019 Chanakya SIMS Pune Capt Vijay (Director Trg)Dept of Exserviceman Welfare Directorate General Resettlement Traning Programee was conducted and it was well conductive training session for the Director Course for 2 Weeks. 12
Women Entrepreneurship Development Program 15/01/2019 18/02/2019 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co -ordinator Women Entrepreneurship Development Program where the initative related to Development of Women Growth and Development in Corporate Sector in India was mainly concentrated during the program 26
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
FDP on Case Study Writing 28/12/2018 28/12/2018 Chanakya SIMS Pune Dr. B. A. Chansarkar from Middlesex University, UK A Faculty Development Program on “Case Study Writing” was conducted for all the full-timefaculty of SIMS. The resource person guided faculty for writing case studies and also introduced differenttypes to case study methods. The session was divided into two parts - First part of thesession was theory. And he took practical session in second half. A group assignment ofdeveloping and writing a case study was given to the participant which they have to submit within 5 days. 6
FDP on "Teaching Practices Inventory concept and how to make course outlines better 08/12/2018 08/12/2018 Chanakya SIMS Pune " Dr. Hardik Vacharajan (Adjunct Professor Australia Catholic University)" A faculty Development Program on “Teaching Practices Inventory concept and how to makecourse outlines better“ was conducted for full-time faculty of SIMS. The resource person forthe session was Dr. Hardik Vacharajan, an award-winning senior lecturer based at Sydney,Australia. He is known for face to face, blended and online learning environments. 11
Colosseum 22/09/2018 22/09/2018 SIMS Auditorium Mr. Rajkiran Kanagla (Senior Vice President TCI) , Mr. Sanjiv Tripathy (Head Technology, Cyber Credit Suisse), Mr Mahesh Karandikar(Head ER Mahindra & Mahindra), Mr. Abhay Korde (Graphic Designer at Blue Dale)and Lt. Col A Deshpande (Retired Officer Indian Army)Trainer COLOSSEUM is the Annual HR Panel Discussion on the Topic "HR for Non HR Managers" It was detailed Discussion on the HR Related Norms. 315
4thoughts seminar 07/09/2018 07/09/2018 SIMS Auditorium "Mr. Sudhir Rao (Ex Sr Director,Cognizant) Mr. Sebastian Mony (Sr Consultant and Advisory,Mckinsky & Company) Mr. Prakash Rao (Deputy Director ,SIIB) Uday Sindhe (General Manager,Thyssenkrupp Industries) Pramod PB (AVP & Branch Head, Federal Bank)" The 4 Thaught event was on Sustainiblity Stategic Planning and Green Marketing there was detailed discussion among the panel with Q & A with the Students of SIMS 315
Stock Market Simulation 13/08/2018 13/08/2018 Chanakya SIMS Pune Dr. Rashmy Moray Associate Professor Sims Faculty of SiMS The Workshop was mainly concerned on Knowledge enrichment in understanding the terminology used by the players in the stock market. It Enables the participant to understand the workings and operations of stock market It also helped in evaluating the portfolio construction and analysis Getting abreast with the latest happenings in the corporate and individual stock planning was outcome of workshop. 100
FDP on :"Research Opportunities in Health Care Management" 08/08/2018 08/08/2018 Chanakya SIMS Pune Dr Rajaram Govindrajan, ESADE, Barcelona The session shared few insights on health care sector in Spain and European countries. The resource person talk aimed at guiding the faculty on opportunities available for research in Health care sector. 20
Entrepreneurship Development Program 25/04/2018 25/04/2018 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co -ordinator Entrepreneurship Development Program where the initative related to Development Growth and Development in Corporate Sector in India was mainly concentrated during the program 32
FDP on Business Intelligence 28/03/2018 28/03/2018 Computer-Lab SIMS Pune Mr. Hemant Thakar (Ceo Education Belt) The FDP gave holestic View on Business Analytics detailing to capture data from a presentation and How to capture data from presentation and how to present it in a powerful way using the tool power -BI. It was an interactive session for faculty members of SIMS 22
Women Entrepreneurship Development Program 15/01/2018 15/01/2018 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co -ordinator Women Entrepreneurship Development Program where the initative related to Development of Women Growth and Development in Corporate Sector in India was mainly concentrated during the program 30
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
Adopting a Good Corporate Governance Framework - Challenges and Solutions for SMEs (National Foundation for Corporate Governance) 23/12/2017 23/12/2017 SIMS Auditorium Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co -ordinator,Mr Pravin Rajani, Director, PwC and Mr Y M Kale, Group President, CG, HindujaGroup and Prof R Narayanswamy, IIM A "Good Practice" is generally accepted to illustrate an approach that deserves the attention and interest of other policy makers or practitioners. Their purpose is to inspire further change and "better practice" as practitioners look beyond their local circumstances and national boundaries. The seminar identified a continuous and sustainable pipeline of SMEs for growth and provide development path for SMEs to graduate 100
4thoughts Seminar 08/09/2017 08/09/2017 SIMS Auditorium Hemant Arora Sr. Vice President, Business Head, Times Network Sushant Shetty Sales Director, India- Epsilon Monojit Dutta Gupta, Associate Director- Sales, Frost & Sullivan Puneet Chopra Associate Director & Lead- Abbott Sudhir Rao Ex Senior Director, Cognizant Amitabh Mathur Head, Gedia India It was good Panel Discussion on the Technology relplacing conventional Marketing in India. The Q & A Session was also conducted with the Students and esteemed Panalist. 314
FDP on Intrepretative Structural Modelling 04/08/2017 04/08/2017 SIMS Computer-Lab Dr. Amit Agarwal (Assistant Professor Sims) ISM and its importance for writing research papers and its usage in teaching was concentrated during the FDP in the ISM Session. The Practical usage of ISM was conducted during the FDP 09
FDP on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) 01/06/2017 01/06/2017 SIMS Computer-Lab Dr. Amit Agarwal (Assistant Professor Sims) SEM and Emperical usage of SEM was excercised during the FDP. The SEM Structure and its usage in writing the research paper was also discussed on the FDP 15
FDP on "How to get Consultancy Projects from Industry and Govt Organizations" 30/03/2017 30/03/2017 Conference Roon SIMS Pune Dr. Iswar Kumar (EDI India Ahemdabad) FDP Concentrated on the skills that are required for getting the consultancy projects from corporate and Government of India. 11
Independent Directors Resettlement Program 23/03/2017 08/04/2017 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co-ordinator Directorate General Resettlement Traning Programee was conducted and it was well conductive training session for the Director Course for 2 Weeks. 21
Entrepreneurship Development Program 28/02/2017 15/04/2017 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co-ordinator Entrepreneurship Development Program where the initative related to Development Growth and Development in Corporate Sector in India was mainly concentrated during the program 26
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
Women Entrepreneurship Development Program 07/11/2016 07/12/2016 SIMS Pune Dr. Pravin Kumar (Deputy Director Sims) Program Co-ordinator Women Entrepreneurship Development Program where the initative related to Development of Women Growth and Development in Corporate Sector in India was mainly concentrated during the program 26
FDP on Gagne's model of Instruction 13/10/2016 13/10/2016 Conference Hall SIMS Pune Dr Suruchi Pandey Assistant Professor Sims Gagnes is popular instructional design model. Workshop focuses on explaining the model and implementation to MBA. It encouraged faculty to apply it to their subject. Gagne has proposed 9 stages of instructions which can be applied by faculty intheir subject and classes. 17
FDP on Essentials of a Research Project Proposal 13/10/2016 13/10/2016 Conference Hall SIMS Pune Dr. Amit Agarwal (Assistant Professor Sims) The session aims to develop skill in thinking about designing good research project proposal. The resource person emphasises on the choice of topic and its connection to present scenario. The session discussed seven essentials of research proposal writing – title, introduction, literature review, aims and objectives (relevance, context, approach, feasibility), methodology, scope of research and outline and timetable. 14
Strategm 10/09/2016 10/09/2016 Auditorium SIMS Dr. Jyoti Chandiramani – Director, Symbiosis School of Economics Dr. K.S. Hari – Professor, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune Miss Priya A. Sondhi – Professor, ILS Law College, Pune The Topic was on 25 years of Liberlaisation of Indian Economy as there was very healthy discussion on the Economy with the Pannel Members for the Events. 300
4thoughts seminar 09/09/2016 09/09/2016 Auditorium SIMS "Mr. Rajendra Kalkar (President- West, Phoenix Marketcity Malls, Mumbai) Mr. Varun Vummidi (Founding Member-, Business Head- Citrus Wallet, Mumbai) Mr. Sunil Dhingra (Founder and CEO- Mr. Amit Daga (Founder and Managing Director- DBM Marketing India Pvt. Ltd) Mr. Tushar Mehta (Consultant- Ishaniya Malls, Ex-centre director- Amanora Malls) Mr. Damodar Mall (CEO Grocery Segment, Reliance Retail)" The Event 4 Thought was on Retail Opportunites and Challenges. It was to provide education on challenges and possibilites in delivering market requirements and eminent dignitories from industries shared their valuable insights 300
Colosseum 09/09/2016 09/09/2016 Auditorium SIMS Ms. Smita Nair ((Vice President at Transformco) , Mr. Mayank Patel (Ceo Hyno tree) Ms. Pradnya Bora Recruitment Consultant in Talisman Advisors Pvt Ltd), Mr. Tariq Ahmad,(Director of Global Sales for BrowserStack) Mr. Kunjal Kamdar (Manger Polaris Consulting Pvt Ltd The event witnessed some dynamic HRs of various companies who gave us insights on the topic ‘HR 2020’. The following was concluded in the event.Importance of Gender Agnosticism, productivity and efficiency should be the criteria Women representation is important for inputs in product development stage. HR must find out – “Where do we come in the candidate’s lifecycle?” This helps in underlying notions and perceptions of the employee and hence help in further capability building.Mergers and Acquisitions: Communication to employees and transparency of process is vital in maintaining the peace.The event witnessed some dynamic HRs of various companies who gave us insights on the topic ‘HR 2020’. The following was concluded in the event. 300
FDP on Fundamentals of Statistics 28/03/2016 28/03/2016 Classroom SIMS Dr. Hirak Dasgupta (Associate Professor Sims) The FDP was good insights for the fundamentals of Statistics and the basic Statistics areas. The faculty understood the use of statistics for writing research papers 14
FDP on Use of MOOC's 28/03/2016 28/03/2016 Chanakya SIM Pune Dr Adya Sharma (Director SCMS) The Importance of Mooc and its role in the Education in todays time was very well discussed on the FDP. 27
FDP on Laughter Therapy and Creativity 25/03/2016 25/03/2016 Chanakya SIM Pune Dr. Asha Nagendra (Professor SIMS) The session conducted by Dr. Asha Nagendraon “Laughter therapy and creativity “was conducted for faculty members at SIMS. The session aimed was the stress management through laughter therapy , strengthen and improving relationship at work place, motivating creativity, enhancing communication skills and experiencing joyfullaughter. 15
Title of Workshop/Seminar From To Venue Resource Person Short Note on Workshop/Seminar Approximate Number of Attendees
Qualitative Research 19/12/2015 19/12/2015 Conference Room SIMS Pune Dr. Mukul Madahar Cardiff School of Management UK The session is a comprehensive over view on qualitative research and designing research work on qualitative studies. The session started with theory and experience sharing which helped participants to brush the basic knowledge of qualitative research methods. 13
FDP on "Enabling faculty to write quality research for publishing in journals of international repute" 25/09/2015 25/09/2015 Chanakya SIMS Pune Dr. Rameshwar Dubey SCRI Pune The session covered the topics like quality journal listing, what quality international journal looked for in the paper etc. The faculty definitelybenefited with the session and had gain knowledge about impactful writing in quality journals. 11
4thoughts seminar 21/08/2015 21/08/2015 Auditorium SIMS "Mr Pallab Roy, Director, Capgemini Consulting. Mr Vamsi Moola, VP, Talent, Deloitte Consulting Mr Rajiv Gauri, Assistant VP, Marketing, Reliance Industries Mr Mathew Joy, Sr Manager, Symantec Corp" Business Consulting: A Holistic Perspective” to provide insights into different domains of consulting and ensure experiential learning was discussed in the Pannel Discussion for 4 Thoughts Events 324
Colosseum 21/08/2015 21/08/2015 Auditorium SIMS "Mr. Neeraj Barethiya, (Chief Human Resource Officer Premium Transmission Limited and Premium Stephan Limited), Mr. Murlidharan Jayaram a (partner, speaker and coach),Mr. Vikaram Sathe, (Head HR of Tata Autocom)Anooba Kini, director Gurukul Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd." Managing Modern Workforce” The seminar serves as a platform for intellectual meetings between corporate dignitaries and student managers where current issues that are pertinent to HR and have an impact on the organization, were discussed 324



Date : June 1-2, 2017
Theme : Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
Conducted By : Dr. Amit Agrawal
Speakers : Dr. Amit Agrawal

In business and social research, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) has become one of the widely used techniques for investigating complex causal relationships amongst latent variables. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) enables us to examine series of dependence-independent relationships simultaneously.

It is particularly useful in testing theories that contain multiple equations involving dependence relationships, where a hypothesized dependent variable becomes an independent variable in a subsequent dependence relationship.

Recently SEM using AMOS has gained popularity in different fields of research and in practice viz., marketing research, information systems research, organization behavior research, strategic management, psychology, healthcare, and social sciences research.

The FDP enabled lots of opportunities to members of faculty of SIMS, Pune to practice SEM. The empirical examples and exercises were practiced using IBM SPSS as well as AMOS software. The participants were given on-hands experience of ways to develop research paper, check missing data, unengaged response, and factor analysis (both exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis).

Further how to identify adopted scales and check their reliability and validity, was explained to the participants along with common method bias. The FDP was aimed to make all the faculty aware with recent usage of SEM in writing research papers and teaching.

Date : 27/05/2017
Theme : Business Simulation
Conducted By : Mr. Atish Bakhru
Speakers : Mr. Atish Bakhru

Glimpses of the FDP on Business Simulation An FDP on Business Simulation was conducted on 27th May by Mr. Atish Bakhru, SIMS’ alumnus and SAP Consultant at TCS. This Business Simulation game was a software-based game in which there were 4 heads- finance, marketing, human resource and operations. There were 6 rounds signifying 6 months. There were 7 teams of faculty. They were expected to apply their strategy and sell one specific product like computer. The team with highest amount of selling and valuations was to win. Within 3 hours, the Game was over! Dr. Suruchi Pandey and Dr. Pradnya Chitrao’s team won. Ms. Preeti Kamboj, Dr.Sanjay Pawar and Brig.(Dr.)Rajiv Divekar’s team came second. Dr. Hirak Dasgupta and Dr.Vanishree Pabalkar’s team came third. Rest of the teams were disqualified after different rounds depending on their performance in the game.

Date : 28.02.15
Theme : “Coffee with Experts” and “Research Proposal Presentation”
Conducted By : Prof. Arti Chandani & Dr. Mita Mehta
Speakers :Dr. Maju Singh, Dr. Urvasrhi

SIMS organised a unique FDP which provided the platform to the researchers to present and discuss and seek critical review from the experts in order to overall improve the quality of research. The experts were, Brig. (Retd.) Rajiv Divekar, Dr. B. R. Londhe, Dr. Asha Nagendra, Prof. Komal Chopra and Prof. M. Dhanunjay Kumar. There were 20 researchers who attended this FDP and were immensely benefitted from the expert advice.

14 participants presented their research proposal and they were judged on the quality of the research. The judges were Dr. Maju Singh and Dr. Urvarshi Rathod. The first prize was won by Prof. Poonam Channiwal while second prize was won by Ms. Divya Bhatia. Dr. Mita Mehta and Prof. Arti Chandani thanked all the participants and judges to make the event successful.

4 Thought:

Theme: “The Power shift from the West to East: Currency, Culture and Politics” Speakers: –

  1. Neeraj Singh GM(Sales) Vodafone
  2. Pankaj Joshi GM Aviation & Chief Pilot, Bajaj Group of Industries
  3. Ajay Bjandari AVP –Practice Head, Infosys
  4. Anuj Varma VP-HR ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  5. Nymphea Batra VP-Treaty Reinsurance ,Marsh
  6. Jaywant Khanzode Head, Tata Docomo

Theme: – “Reaching out to Rural India: Way forward to Corporate Social Responsibility” The eminent speakers were :- Speakers: –

  1. Mr. Yatish Singh , Associate Director, Indura Dr. Reddys, Hyderabad
  2. Mr. Shrirang Dhavale, Divisional Manager, CSR, Tata Motors
  3. Mr. Popatrao Pawar, Executive Chairman, Adarsh Gaon Yojna, Govt. of Maharashtra, Pune
  4. Mr. Ravindra Sangvai, General Manager, College of Agricultural Banking of RBI, pune
  5. Ms. Kadambari Lokhande, Co-ordinator, Rural relations, Pune
  6. Mr. Pradeep Lokhande, Founder, Rural relations, Pune


Names of the speakers :-

  1. Prakash Iyer, MD Kimberly Clark
  2. Pradeep Bhargava, MD Cummins Generator Technologies India
  3. Vijay Menon, Academician and Human Resource Facilitator
  4. Dr.Janardhan, Chairman and MD Hassle-free solutions limited
  5. Mr.Suhas Baxi, CEO Demang Cranes India
  6. Mr.Nilabh Banerji, GM Marketing Zapak

Theme: – “The Power shift from the West to East: Currency, Culture and Politics” Speakers: –

  1. Mr. Gulu Mirchandani, Chairman & MD, MIRC Electronics Ltd.(Onida)
  2. Ms. Tarjani Vakil Former Chairperson & MD EXIM Bank
  3. Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik Chief Belief Officer Future Group
  4. Mrs. Seemha Ramanna Managing Director,Crest Animation Studios Ltd
  5. Mrs. Shikha Sharma CEO & MD,Axis Bank
  6. Mr. Dilip Chhabria CEO & MD, Dilip Chhabria Designs India Ltd.

Womancipation :

23rd August 2014 Return to careers after Life Transition Phase Ms. Tina Rastogi, Head BPHR, Infosys,Ms. Aspy Engineer, President, Direct Banking, Yes Bank, Ms. SkhikhaKochhar, Head Sales, DNA,Ms. Anamika D Sharma,MsSangeeta Lund ,Mr Sanjay Aratla
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune conducts annually, WOMANCIPATION, a seminar first of its kind to be conducted by a B-School in Pune. For this seminar, top level women executives, entrepreneurs, and women who have made it to the top in their respective fields, come and address our student managers. Last year also SIMS organized Womancipation’11 on 17th September, and the topic for the panel discussion is “Sexual Harassment at work place and ways to Address It”. The panel discussion was moderated by Ms. ChayaSrivatsa, Founder & Trustee, GOWA.
14th September 2013 Corporate Role in Women’s Career Enhancement”& Breaking Through The Pink Collar Ghetto Ms. Archana Shiroor Head HR for Corporate & Investment Banking, BSS Mumbai Service Center at Barclays, Ms. Sindhu Subhashin Heading the Hitech Vertical & Key Strategic, Mindtree, Mrs. Manjiri Dilip Chunekar Expert in the field of Bio Medical Waste Management, the India Head for Don Whitley Scientific Ltd UK, Ms. Rekha Rao, General Manager of 20:20 MSL, Mumbai

The ‘Colloquium Series’ of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies ended on 14th September with event conducted by the Women’s Club which aimed at highlighting the various aspects of a corporate in the career enhancement path of a woman. This year’s topics of discussion were- Corporate Role in Women’s Career Enhancement and Breaking through The Pink Collar Ghetto. The phrase “pink collar ghetto” refers to women who are stuck in jobs that have no promotion or career advancement prospects.

The event was marked by the presence of very eminent personalities who enlightened the audience by sharing their viewpoints on this subject. The moderator of the panel discussion- Ms. Archana Shiroor is the Head of HR for Corporate & Investment Banking and the BSS Mumbai Service Center at Barclays. She highlighted the areas that organizations should focus on in regards to this issue while maintaining her stance that this issue is equally about men and not just women. Also present for the discussion was Ms. Sindhu Subhashin, currently heading the Hitech Vertical & Key Strategic accounts within Mindtree who threw some light on the key internal and external barriers that women face in most organizations and how these very organizations are trying to provide a support system in order to attain maximum efficiency and retain the talent. Mr. Udayan Joshi, from John Deree,, who touched upon various industry demands and needs in this direction, was also an eminent speaker for this event.Mrs. Manjiri Dilip Chunekar, an expert in the field of Bio Medical Waste Management, the India Head for Don Whitley Scientific Ltd UK, shared her thoughts with the student managers emphasizing on the strength that lies within the important decisions one takes in their lifetime. Rekha Rao, GM of 20:20 MSL, Mumbai took the discussion to another level and emphasized on the fact that crisis doesn’t differentiate between genders and in the end it is all a matter of the choices we make.

The event concluded by throwing light on issues like the underlying prejudice within each one of us and should women be given special privileges because of the same or not leaving the student managers with ample food for thought.

14th September2012 Equality: Myth or Reality: Have Women Really Made It To The Top MsKavitaKulkarni, Head HR, Infosys.
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune conducts annually, WOMANCIPATION, a seminar first of its kind to be conducted by a B-School in Pune. For this seminar, top level women executives, entrepreneurs, and women who have made it to the top in their respective fields, come and address our student managers. Last year also SIMS organized Womancipation’12on 14th September, and the topic for the panel discussion is “Gender Equality: Myth or Reality: Have Women Really Made It To The Top”. The panel discussion was moderated by MsKavitaKulkarni, Head HR, Infosys.
17th Sep 2011 Theme “ Gender Equality Myth or Reality and Have Women really made it to the Top Mrs. Vinita Deshmukh – Senior Journalist, Columnist, Author, RTI Activist, Ms. Rekha Gore – Asst. General Manager – John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., Ms. KavitaKulkarni – Head HR, Infosys Ltd, Ms. SumedhaNashikkar – Global Operations Controller, KPIT Cummins, Ms. ShobhaPandey – Asst. General Manager – John Deere India Pvt. Ltd
15th Aug 2010 Women’s Reservation Bill Mr. AVR Murty – CEO, ElectroMechMr. Shashank Inamdar – Vice-Chairman & Co-Founder of Praj Industries


9th August 2014 Indianness of HR Miss. Madhavi Dhanukar
The theme for COLOSSEUM this year was “INDIANNESS OF HR11” .For the last couple of decades, India has largely been viewed as an outsourcing destination where organizations from several companies could reduce their cost base through transferring work to our country. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when entering the Indian market or doing business with India is definitely the cultural differences that would be undoubtedly encountered. Some of the issues that global HR managers have to deal with include Power distance – work place mannerism , group effort over individual effort – paradox of reward distribution, cultural variations – dress codes policy / meal policy/ no interference in personal life – detachment between personal and professional affairs etc. The Speakers for the Event were:


1. Madhavi Dahanukar (SVP,EXL Services) 2. Thomas Joseph (Corp. Sr. VP (HR), WNS) 3. Rahul Rathee (Manager, BASF) 4. Vijay Deshpande (Director (HR), Skoda Auto) 5. Vikas Shinde (Director (HR), Dhruva) 6. Lt. Col. Sunil Brijkrishnan- Moderator

2012 HR VALUE PROPOSITION Mr. Vijay Jamwal, Heading HR for Gartner India Research & Advisory Services Pvt Ltd Mr. Saurabh Arora, Generalist lead for all Banking and Infrastructure business units at Morgan Stanley Knowledge Center, Mumbai. Mr. Omprakash, Talent Leadership team of Deloitte US Firm in India Ms. Aarti Gupta, Leadership curriculum director, CapGemini University Col Sunil Brijkrishan, a Former Armed Forces officer with 34 years service
Colosseum is an annual event where the HR club of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune calls for eminent people from the industry to share their thought with the students. This year the theme was, “HR VALUE PROPOSITION” which focuses on how HR can deliver and add value to businesses all across the globe. The event provides a platform to have discussions on the values that need to be inculcated in the Human Resource Management System which further reflects on the talent possessed by its people, resulting in business development.


The sub themes were: – Role of HR in economic Volatility – Building HR Assets – Separating the best from the rest

15th Aug 2010 Talent in Demand – The progressive Reality Mr. JayeshLadwa, VP USI Talent Specialities, Deloitte

Mr. SharadGAngal, EVP Thermax India Ltd.

Mr. MuralidharanJayaram, AVP IGatePatni

Mrs. Kavita Kulkarni, AVP HR Business Leader Infosys Ltd.

Managing Talent in the Age of Uncertainty


Capability v/s Aspiration Paradox

Talent…What is that?

Managing the Millennials : Discover the core competencies for managing today’s workforce


SIMS organizes SPSS workshop every year (MDP) for the benefit of faculty and students .The workshop is being conducted since last four years in collaboration with IBM SPSS, Bangalore. At the end of the workshop the attendees receive certificates of participation from IBM SPSS. The workshop is conducted twice a year during the months August and February.

A large number of corporates, research professionals, middle and junior management personnel approach us for conduct of certified modules for two to three days on Advanced Statistics. We are glad to inform you that we have an MoU with IBM SPSS for conduct of this certified module and have been conducting it regularly for the past four years where in the the resource person is a trained instructor from IBM SPSS. It has proved to be a major success, attracting a number of participants.

In the past, a large number of faculty, Researchers, Research scholars, Industry Personnel and students from all over India have received IBMSPSS certification as well as benefited from the workshop on -“Application of statistics in Research”

IBM SPSS workshop 28th& 29th Jan 2011 50 Mr. Pratapa L
IBM SPSS workshop 2nd& 3rd Sept 2011 30 Mr. Pratapa L
IBM SPSS workshop 16th& 17th Feb 2012 Mr. Navin M. Kharade
IBM SPSS workshop 14th& 15th Sept 2012 35 Mr. Debdip Pal
IBM SPSS workshop 20th to 22ndFeb 2013 44 Mr Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 20th to 22nd August 2013 59 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 23rd to 25th Feb 2014 60 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 17th to 19th August 2014 37 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra