Latest Happenings

Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Mita on being appointed to Editorial board of Humanities & Social Science Reviews, as a reviewer based on her research accomplishments

Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Mita on being appointed to Editorial board of Humanities & Social Science Reviews, as a reviewer based on her research accomplishments

Heartiest Congratulations to A. Naveen and Sreerupa Sukhari on presenting a joint research paper titled, 'Foreign Direct Investments in India- An Overview' in International Conference on Contemporary Research in Engineering, Science, Management and Arts of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), Coimbatore
Heartiest Congratulations to Col Subramanian K on the publication of your research article "Analyzing the Consumer Behaviour and Assessing the Influence of Store Loyalty in Purchasing Sportswear Products" in the Indian Journal of Ecology
Heartiest Congratulations to Kartik Gogar on winning Silver Medal in ‘Pune Deadlift Championship - 'Strong Championships' in respective category
Heartiest Congratulations to Shweta Singh and Athulya Nair l on coming third in the online HR Business Riddles Quiz competition of IIM Lucknow
Heartiest Congratulations Lekh Utaiah on winning the Ms SYMHAV title in the SLS Pune fest
Heartiest Congratulations Dr Vaishali on your research paper  being adjudged as Outstanding Paper and being rewarded with a cash prize at the International Conference on Business Management 2 of Tripura University, Agartala
Heartiest Congratulations to Mohd Akram on having successfully completed an online course provided by Google on "The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing"
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Arti and Dr. Mita on being recognised as great researchers and teachers and being awarded Great Researcher / Great Achiever National  Award for their research work by IRDP group of journals
Heartiest Congratulations to Mahesh Chavan  on successfully clearing the100 hour NSE Certified Capital Markets Professional (NCCMP) course
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Chitrao and Dr Pravin for their research paper titled " Technology Based Self Learning - A Case of Zucate" being published by Springer which is a SCOPUS listed journal
Heartiest Congratulations to Akshay Pawar, Gaurav Dhankar and Deepak Kumaron for successfully clearing the CFA Level 1 Exam
Heartiest Congratulations to Punit Phogat on being judged as the Best Dance and awarded the first prize in Solo Dance Competition held at School of Fashion Technology, Pune
Heartiest Congratulations to Mahir Ali Khan, Nikhil Kumar Rai, Shiwani Nainwa and Mohd Akram on winning the competition  'Unveiling The Budget-2020' held at ISB&M, Pune
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Ruby on having two research papers of hers: " Cult Brand Extension Influence on Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty" and "Effect of Consumer's Demographics and Attitude on Food Festival" Co authored by Dr Vanishree and Ex MBA Student, published in Indian Journal of Ecology- Special Issue which is a Scopus Indexed Journal
Heartiest Congratulations Col Ravindra on presentation of his research paper  “Human Resource Practices in Indian Army and Suggest Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for HRM” in International Conference of  Christ University
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Arti on getting a letter of Appreciation from CFA Institute
Heartiest Congratulations to Bhawana, Athulya Nair and Shweta Singh on winning the 2nd Runners Up position in  Enigma: Data Analytics Competition of IIM Sirmaur
Heartiest Congratulations to Sreerupa Sukhari, Ayyalasomayajula Naveen and Ved Khanolkar on winning  the Annual Consulting Case Study Competition of  Delhi School Of Economics
Heartiest Congratulations to Kranthi Adepu and Kiran Agarwal on presenting their research paper titled “Study of Usage of Artificial Intelligence in HR in IT Industry”  in International Conference in Management Research and Studies of Christ University
Heartiest Congratulations to Priyanka NA and Shubhashree Sahoo on winning  the first runner up position in 'The Marketeer' Competition of NIA
Heartiest Congratulations to Punit Phogat on winning the Solo Dance Competition in 'Sports and Cultural fest Crescendo', of International Institute of Management Science
Heartiest Congratulations to Gaurav Singh on winning Business Plan competition at National Institute of Construction Management and Research(NICMAR)
Heartiest Congratulations to Arushi Kapoor on winning 2 competitions- BEST MANAGER competition and Runners Up in EXTEMPORE in B School competition of VAMNICOM
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Hirak on getting the Best Paper in ICONSYM2020 of SCMS NOIDA
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Vaishali on successfully clearing the 100 hour NSE Certified Capital Markets Professional (NCCMP) course
Heartiest Congratulations to Nikhil Dass on successfully clearing the100 hour NSE Certified Capital Markets Professional (NCCMP) course
Heartiest Congratulations to Neha on successfully presenting your research paper titled “Employee Perception towards Work From Home in IT Sector ” in International Conference in Management Research and Studies of Christ University
Heartiest Congratulations to Budhaditya Banerjee on successfully clearing the100 hour NSE Certified Capital Markets Professional (NCCMP) course.
Heartiest Congratulations to Mohd Akram on having successfully completed an online course provided by Google on  "The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing".
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Arti and Dr Mita on being recognised as great researchers and teachers and being awarded Great Researcher / Great Achiever National Award for your research work by IRDP group of journals
Heartiest Congratulations to Linish Kalbande  on successfully completing three MOOC online certification courses - Google Analytics For Beginners, Supply Chain Operations (Rutgers University - Coursera), Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems (University of California, Irvine - Coursera)
Heartiest Congratulations to Sreerupa Sukhari  on successfully  presenting a  research paper  titled, 'A semantic analysis w.r.t. Linguistic Approach of T.V.commercials: A case based research  for LUX (HUL)' in MARTKECH 2.0 Conference  of KJ Somaiya IMSR
Heartiest Congratulations to Ashish Kumar on successfully completing TEN MOOC online certification courses Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Docker Training Certificate, Docker Official Certification (195$), Kubernetes Training Certificate, Kubernetes Official Certificate (300$), Togaf Official Certification (495$), AWS SysOps Official Certification (150$), Azure Solution Architect Official Certification (165$), Azure Solutions Architect Expert Official Certification  (165$) . 
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Vanishree and Dr Ruby on getting a live project from "IGiftLife"
Heartiest Congratulations to Ashish Dubey on participating in 7th Awanish Dev Memorial HR Conclave Organised by Maruti Suzuki in 2019 as part of Student panel discussion
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Vanishree on your research paper entitled "Impact of Social media Advertising on Consumer's Health, being published in Indian Health of Public Health Research and Development
Heartiest Congratulations to Kiran Agarwal  on successfully completing two MOOC online certification courses - Google Analytics for Beginners and Advance Google Analytics
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Komal on receiving a letter of appreciation from WIPRO
Heartiest Congratulations to Sreerupa Sukhari and Ayyalasomayajula Naveen on winning the First prize in Online Whita Paper Competition, of MQ Digital Challenge organised by Great Lakes Institute of Management Studies, Gurgaon
Heartiest Congratulations to Basudev Dutta for his book “Design of Remote Monitoring Device for Underground Coal Mine Gases” being available on
Heartiest Congratulations to Himanshu Dutta, Akshay Ragesh & Anant Sharma on making a clean sweep of the competition by winning 3 competitions ( 1st Position in one and 2nd Position in two of them) in  ‘Firande’ the flagship fest of SIBM- Hyderabad
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Chitrao on getting an appreciation certificate for review of two papers in Jan 2020 for the Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research
Heartiest Congratulations to Shubhashree Sahoo and Priya Moitra on securing First Position in SIIB management competition 'Synergy'
Heartiest Congratulations to Jigar Chhadwa and Inesh Singh on winning the 1st Position in 'The Capitalist', a Finance Case Study Competition of SIIB
Heartiest Congratulations Ansika Singh, Yash Jadhav and Raja Babu on securing  Second position in CaseNova competition of SIDTM, Pune
Heartiest Congratulations to Jagrat Jaggi  as co-author along with Hari Kaushik, for publishing 4 Research Papers in reputed research journals 
Heartiest Congratulations to Akshay Ragesh, Anant Sharma and Himanshu Dutta on securing 1st Runners Up position in  'Marketronix', at SIOM
Heartiest Congratulations to Piyush kumar Singh, Akshay Thorat and Mahesh Kumar Pandey on winning the First  Position in  Business Quiz Competition organised  of DRISHTI'19, of SIOM
Heartiest Congratulations to Kartik Gogar on winning the Gold Medal in ‘Pune District Level Powerlifting Championship
Heartiest Congratulations to Anmol Samal and Prasad Dhumal on securing 1st Runners Up prize in Drishti, Annual Management & Cultural Fest of SIOM
Hearty Congratulations to Himanshu Dutta and Akshay Ragesh on securing 2nd position in SIIB Management competition ‘The Capitalist’
Heartiest Congratulations to Pritam Kaushik on completing 3 Online courses
Heartiest Congratulations to Akshay Ragesh and Himanshu Dutta on securing an impressive Runners Up position in a management competition 'Finascere', of SIBM, Bangalore
Heartiest Congratulations to Vinay Chaubey on successfully completing 3 MOOCs-  'Learn and Master the Basics of Finance',  'Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics', 'Google Analytics' (Beginners)
Heartiest Congratulations to Shweta Singh Rehal and Athulya Nair on Winning " TATVA 4.0" - An HR  competition of IIM Rohtak
Heartiest Congratulations to Vinay Chaubey for achieving the title of ‘SIMS CHAMPION (IT)’ for  being the architect of the SIMS full-fledged Placement Online Portal  "Digital RunBook"
Heartiest Congratulations to Team SUR on winning a series of competitions (3 Team and 1 individual event) in various competitions. The team came second in Sympulse "Unplugged", won the "EQ Flair" in Equilibria, the annual fest of SSE and runners up in ORION of SIMS. Gagan Bisht stood second in Solo Singing in Sympulse "Unplugged"
Heartiest Congratulations Sridhar Mohanty on successfully completing 3 MOOCs certification courses, "Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB" through Coursera and Advanced Google analytics and Google Analytics for beginners through Google Analytics Lab
Heartiest Congratulations Shubhashree Sahoo, Naveen & Priyanka, on winning Madhatters competition at Connaissance 2019, of SIMC, Pune
Heartiest Congratulations Dr Archana on successfully completing University of London MOOC - "Understanding Research Methods"
Heartiest Congratulations Team YODDHAS and Dr Pradnya on receiving a Letter of Appreciation for participating in Christmas Celebrations 2019 for Cancer Warriors at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre
Heartiest Congratulations to Team TEDX on getting SIMS TEDX article featured on Youth Incorporated Magazine
Heartiest Congratulations Bharat Bhushan and Basudev Datta, on successful publication of your research paper "Study of different ways of digital branding on the Google homepage using Google doodle", in UGC List of Journals - ' Asian Journal of Management'
Heartiest COngratulations Inesh Singh and Jigar Chhadwa on winning the Stract Jack (Case Study competition) held at IIM Ahemdabad
Heartiest Congratulations Sreerupa Sukhari on securing 3rd position in Online Research Competition of SCMS, Pune
Heartiest Congratulations Sriharshitha  on successfully clearing UGC NET/ JRF exam and scoring 99.14% percentile
Heartiest Congratulations Sachin Rana  on successfully clearing UGC NET/ JRF exam and scoring 99.46% percentile
Heartiest Congratulations Prateek on successfully clearing UGC NET/ JRF exam
Heartiest Congratulations Sayantani Bera  on successfully completing a creditable 3 Online Certifications each from a different provider ; People Analytics by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Preparing to Manage Human Resources by the University of Minnesota and  Google Analytics for Beginners
Heartiest Congratulations Anindita Nandi on successfully completing a creditable 3 Online Certification Courses on HubSpot namely ; Social media, Email marketing,  Frictionless sales certified
Heartiest Congratulations Mayuri Bade on successfully completing a record 4 Google Certifications; Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Analytics for Power Users
Heartiest Congratulations Hari Kaushik on such a huge and fantastic achievement so far by you. You have in just one year, published 3 Research Papers in reputed research journals, authored 4 books with ISBN no, done 9 online certifications courses, completed Level 1 of French, completed PGDM in Infrastructure (Distance Learning Programme), awarded Best Intern by Godrej Properties
Heartiest Congratulations Vithika Ruhela on successfully completing 5 Online Certification courses ie People Analytics from Wharton School of Business, Managing Diversity from Project Management Institute (PMI), Human Resources Using Metrics to Drive HR Strategy from Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), Performance Based Hiring from Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) People Analytics from LinkedIn Learning
Heartiest Congratulations Dr Tushar on publication of your research paper,  "Growth of Vehicle Car Insurance in India from 2005 -2013"  in the Scopus listed Journal  of Innovation, Creativity and Change
Heartiest Congratulations Dr Arti on being awarded the  "Outstanding Management Teacher" award by AIMS International
SIMS has been recognised and awarded the "Institutional Appreciation Award" by AIMS International
Congratulations Team YODDHAS and Dr Chitrao on participating in PINKATHON and also getting a letter of Appreciation for the same
Heartiest Congratulations Bratati Ghosh, D. Samyuktha and Priyadarshini Khaskel for securing 2nd position in MM's IMERT Pune 4th VHR Olympiad – 2019
Heartiest Congratulations Angeleda on winning the Dr. S B Mujumdar as the best outstanding foreign student of the year 2019. This is the second year in a row where SIMS student has won the Dr S B Mujumdar award for Best Outstanding Foreign Student.
Heartiest Congratulations to Shubhashree Sahoo and Priya Shalini Moitra, Batch 2018-20 on securing the 1st Runners Up position in My Campaign of management fest of IIM Indore
Heartiest Congratulations Dr Mita on being appointed to Editorial board of Humanities & Social Science Reviews, based on her research accomplishments,as a reviewer
Heartiest Congratulations Jigar Chhadwa on your article being selected as one of the winners of the competition in IIM Udaipur Article Writing Competition.
Heartiest Congratulations to Shubhashree Sahoo and Priya Shalini Moitra, Batch 2018-20 on securing the 1st Runners Up position in My Campaign of management fest of IIM Indore
TEAM EVENT WINNER : TEAM DANGAL Abhishek Kumar (MBA 2019-21) Gagan Saini (MBA 2018-20) Gaurav Dhankhar (MBA 2018-20) Kumar Saurav (MBA 2018-20) TEAM EVENT RUNNER UP : TEAM SHAITANI PARINDEY Kartik Gogar (MBA 2018-20) Darshan Shreshtha (MBA 2018-20) Gaurav Yadav (MBA 2018-20) Kalpesh Choyal (MBA 2018-20) MR. SYMBIFIT Gagan Saini (MBA 2018-20)
Heartiest congratulations to Gagan Saini (MBA 2018-20) for winning the title of Mr. SYMBIFIT
Heartiest Congratulations to Jigar Chhadwa for winning the Article Writing competition in IIM Udaipur
Heartiest Congratulations to Jigar Chhadwa on winning 3 awards in different areas namely, 2nd in Ace The Interview ,  2nd in Engaging Humour (Humourous Speech) and 1st in Youth Parliament at IIM Kozhikode in their Annual Business Summit
IT Cell, Sims in collaboration with Placement Cell, developed and released ‘Digital Runbook’, the Placement Portal of Sims
SIMS students participated in PINKATHON Pune-19 : Grishma Thapa (batch 2019-21) and Yash Jadav (batch 2018-20) secured 1st position and Shreya Tripathi (batch 2019-21) secured 4th position in 3km run. In 5km run, 1st position was bagged by Neha Kiroula (batch 2019-21) and Karishma Blaggan (Executive PGDM) secured 4th position
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Komal Chopra, Assistant Professor, for getting two letters of appreciation from Industry on ‘Innovation in Teaching’ and ‘Innovation in Research’
Student Manager Pritam Kaushik published his Research paper co- authored with Basudev Datta, titled 'Applicability of Agile Methodology in Technology Migration Projects: A thematic overview', in the Asian Journal of Management
Student Managers Yash Jadhav and Ansika Singh from batch 2018-20 participated in the inscribe article writing competition conducted by the consulting club of  IIM Visakhapatnam and their article 'Channel V for the brand revival strategy'  got selected as the best article in the category of brand revival strategiesStudent Manager Pritam Kaushik published his Research paper co- authored with Basudev Datta, titled 'Applicability of Agile Methodology in Technology Migration Projects: A thematic overview', in the Asian Journal of Management
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Swati on publication of research paper, co authored with Saasha Jethwani, titled  "What attracts millennials? A Factor analysis" published in International Journal of Science and Research
Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Vanishree on the publication of 2 research papers co-authored with Dr Rashmy Moray - one in ABDC ranked journal and the other in a SCOPUS listed journals. “Investment Behaviour of the IT Millennials with respect to Retirement Planning” - Published in Asian Journal of Empirical Research (AJER) and "Implication of Technology on Economic progress of farmers"  published in Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development
Student Managers Jigar Chhadwa, Amin Ceeza, Ananya Sood from batch 2019-21 secured 1st Position in Marketers Unknown Battle Ground, a Marketing Competition organized as part of SPOURT IT'19, the Annual Entrepreneurship Festival of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT), Pune
Ashavari Roy, Saasha Jethwani and Sahil Arora of final year MBA 2018-20 batch have won the HR Business Competition at 'Nityaksh' in B school competition, organized by NMIMS Bangalore.

National Managerial Fest BARCODE 2019 was conducted successfully in SIMS on 21st Sep- 22nd Sep where participants from many colleges from Pune as well as India came and participated. Various techno-managerial competitions and cultural events were organized by the Events Cell,SIMS. Barcode ended with a happy note with standup comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi performing for the first time at SIMS.

Ashavari Roy, Saasha Jethwani and Sahil Arora of final year MBA 2018-20 batch have won the HR Business Competition at 'Nityaksh' in B school competition, organized by NMIMS Bangalore.

Debarun Nag and Deepak Balayan of first year MBA 2019-21 batch have won the Devil's Advocate campus round competition, organized by IIM Indore.

SIMS participated in the Annual Fitness for Freedom Run organized by SIU with an overwhelming contingent size of 45 SIMSites & dominating the Marathon, with 10 Girls and 8 Boys in the Top 30. A special shout-out to Vaibhav Khandelwal for winning the marathon, 2 years in a row!

Heartiest Congratulations to Dhumal Prasad, Khushboo and Ankur Palande, of Batch 2018-20, on successfully clearing the CFA level 1 Exam held on 16th June 2019.

Heartiest Congratulations to Nilaj Das Sharma and Sumit Telore for a very nice and touching blog on the visit to Old Age Home Visit by EX PGDM batch as part of the ISR activity.

Heartiest Congratulations Shweta Singh on successfully completing "Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1 Online Course" on Udemy.

Heartiest Congratulations Basudev Datta on yet another successful publication of a research paper titled A Revisit to Concept of “Per Incuriam” from Indian Judiciary Perspective: A Critical Overview, Social Science Research Network (SSRN) in SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH NETWORK (ELSEVIER).

Heartiest Congratulations Jagrat Jaggi, Hari Kaushik and Basudev Datta on the publication of your research paper 'Design of Subway at Range Hills Road Intersection in Pune to Prevent Peripatetic Accidents', in NICMAR Journal of Construction Management.

Heartiest Congratulations Basudev Datta on the publication of your dissertation on “Robotics & Micro-Machines” in 12th Five Year Pay Commission "REFERENCE BOOK” by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Mauritius.

Heartiest Congratulations to Basudev Datta and Pritam Kaushik on successfully publishing/ accepted for publishing two joint research papers titled Brand Awareness through Instagram Advertising and Study of influence of Airline Quality Ratings (AQRs) on repeat purchase behavior of next-generation domestic air travellers in Maharashtra state, in Asian Journal of Management.

Heartiest Congratulations Basudev Datta on successfully guiding a group of technical interns (B.Tech. final year) from Chitkara University-Chandigarh in the area of immense importance for the automobile industry, as a Co-mentor, during his tenure of internship in Maruti Suzuki India Limited-Gurgaon.

Heartiest Congratulations Dr. Archana on a fantastic run of the research papers published in the last few months: 1) The month of June 2019: SCOPUS Publication in Nature Environment and Pollution Technology An International Quarterly Scientific Journal, with Scopus Journal Rank -7. 2) The month of May 2019: Publication in Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, Indexed in Ebsco.J-Gate and Google Scholar. 3) The month of Jan 2019: Publication in Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, Indexed in Ebsco.J-Gate and Google Scholar.

Research paper titled "Empirical Evidence of the Causative Association between Spot, Futures and Options Market: An ARDL Model Approach" is published in Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting which is a ABDC listed C category journal. Authors:Dr. Vaishali Jain, Rahul Dhaigude and Brig. (Dr) Rajiv Divekar

Inaugural function of MBA batch 2019-21 and Executive PG Diploma batch 2019-20 on 6th June. The Chief guest was Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti – Chairman, Baker Tilly DHC Pvt. Ltd

Heartiest Congratulations to Shweta Bisht for completing the Google Analytics, Advanced Google Analytics and Google Ads Fundamentals certification with 93%, 96% and 93% respectively.

Heartiest Congratulations Dr. Tushar and Dr. Naval on the successful registration of their Case titled Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited with special focus to Car Insurance in India in 'The Case Centre', the repository of Case Studies.

Heartiest Congratulations to Koustav Bhowmick and Harish Puri for achieving Certificate of Appreciation in recognition for outstanding performance in Retail Assets during the month of May in their internship at HDFC. The certificate has been awarded by Mr. Amol Bitkar (Senior Vice President), Cluster Head of Cluster-1, ROMG Circle-1, HDFC Bank Ltd.

Heartiest Congratulations Siddharth Sharma on successfully completing the course on NLP Practitioner under Achology.

Heartiest Congratulations Sreerupa Sukhari and Ansika Singh on being recognized for their efforts by an NGO SEED ( Society For Socio-Economic & Ecological Development).Pvt on having successfully completed two projects - A Detailed Report On Society For Socio-Economic & Ecological Development And It's Activities and Base Line Report to study the state of Awareness about Menstrual Health and hygiene.

"Sarthak Mehrotra and Sasanka Sekhar Gouda secured 3rd position in "Pratikroza 2.0" of IIM Bodh Gaya."

Heartiest Congratulations Amit Ranjan Thakur, Ashish Kumar Singh and Dhirender Singh on securing the First Position and being awarded with the cash prize of INR 11,000/- along with certificate and trophy in the annual fest 'ADHIKOSH' of National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune competition ‘Let's Built a Bank’.

32 students along with Myself, Dr. Archana, Ms. Sanchari visited NSE and the Bloomberg office at Mumbai.
Students visited the Bloomberg office on 27 February, 2019 where they attended a workshop to understand the various functions present in the Bloomberg terminal.
The students of SIMS were given extensive training on fundamental analysis of a company using various parameters and terminal functions along with an overview of foreign exchange analysis. The students learnt as to how the buy side and sell side of mutual fund look for the information from Bloomberg and how do they make the decision. The students were also shown as to how to get the analyst report of a particular stock as how does this help in the decision making process. The session was conducted by Mr. Jay Janardhanan who is an Analyst at Bloomberg.
The students were also given an overview of the economy by Mr. Abhishek Gupta, economist at Bloomberg. He also explained how students could access various reports on the terminal by doing economic research, inflation, GDP etc..

It was an enriching experience for students who learned many functions and data extraction from Bloomberg terminals. Overall the students found the trip to be fruitful and gained valuable insights.


32 students along with Myself, Dr. Archana, Ms. Sanchari visited NSE and the Bloomberg office at Mumbai. At NSE Mr. Purv Shah conducted a session for the students and he explained the basic concepts of functioning capital market. He also showed live trading along with how a trade is entered into system and gets executed. Mr. Shah also explained concept of derivatives using the analogy of "Advance booking of movie" and this helped the students in grasping the concept quickly and in a better way. Students from various colleges were also present for the session at NSE. The students were able to get a glimpse of NSE and relate to what they had been taught in class.

SIMS alumnus Mr.Vishal Chordia (Batch 1997-99) has been awarded ‘Maharashtrian of the Year’ in Best Entrepreneur Category by Economic Times.

On the occasion of Festivals of Thinkers, Shri Javed Akhtar enlightened the students with his valuable thoughts in the presence of Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar on 23rd January 2018.
Dr. Swati Vispute announces publication of my e-book book "Study of Recruitment Strategy..." kindle version
Heartiest Congratulations Tarun on clearing the UGC NET Exam for Assistant Professor.
Mr. Vishal Chordia, an Alumnus of SIMS received the Nav Bharat Times award for Corporate Excellence at the hands of Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Devendra Phadnavis in Mumbai on 14 Dec.
The SIMS Men's Cricket Team took part in the SIU Cricket Tournament from 20th to 27th November, 2018. The team started right from the bottom (Round 1) and beat top teams like SSLA, SCMS, SIBM Pune and the organizers SIT, with some truly well earned victories, to reach the final.

Placement Cell organized its Flagship Event, Global Leaders' Summit on 12th October 2018 at the campus. This event saw eminent industry honchos from various corporate houses, reaching out to the young minds of the students and impart knowledge through years of expertise in their respective fields.

The entire event had broadly five prominent panels with the topics that are currently trending and relevant for the batch.

  1. Operations - Competency Development in Manufacturing
  2. BFSI - Fintech: Digitally destructing the Financial World
  3. Consulting - Is your hiring process as emotionally intelligent as the people its meant to hire?
  4. Media - Online Video content changing the dynamics of the entertainment industry
  5. IT/ITES - Are we winning the Cyber Security War?

The feedback from the Global Leaders was extremely heart warming and they were thoroughly impressed by the meticulous planning. They complimented Mrs. Renuu Kulkarni, Head Placements and Corporate Relations and the Placement Team for the flawless execution of the event which required detailed planning and commitment. The event was termed mind blowing by the leaders' who participated in the event and contributed to its success.

The host for the event was Mr. Manish Tyagi, a former Naval Commander turned Standup comedian. His presence created an amazing atmosphere and adding humor to the event which the Leaders' thoroughly enjoyed. He gave the much-required laughter element in between the serious discussions.

The students garnered maximum knowledge from the panel discussions and the session was very informative and the students participated with much enthusiasm as they were directly able to ask their doubts to the Global Leaders and get a perspective which classroom learning may not be able to provide.  The session was able to engage the students and incite their inputs as well which made the discussion more inclusive.

National Alumni Meet 2018 – Luminaire held on the 6th of October was a memorable event filled with colourful décor, beautiful performances, lip smacking food and lots of laughter, nostalgia & love.

The day kicked off early, with both basketball and football matches played with a vigour that can be showcased only by SIMsites. The rest of the day was filled with music, dance, food and beautiful backdrops to take pictures to cherish. SUR got everyone to stop in their tracks and listen to their brilliant outdoor performance under MGH. The flash mob performance by Vibes in front of MGH was enjoyed by a huge audience with cheers and claps throughout the rendition.

NAM's first edition of SIMS Social which was a speed networking event was held under the dome and witnessed an ever greater level of student-alumni interaction, with questions ranging from the topics of life in SIMS, placements, transition from college to corporate life and much more! The panel consisted of some of our illustrious alumni namely, Akshay Mehrotra (Batch of 2004), Yayati Zende (Batch of 2006) and Aseem Goel (Batch of 1997) who were more than open to questions from student managers.

In Chanakya, three finalists were fighting to the bone for the opportunity to pitch the perfect B-plan, and be mentored by two of the finest entrepreneurs SIMS has had the privilege of witnessing. The winner of Pitch Perfect was Basudev Datta of the Team FitSip from the 2018-2020 batch, and will be mentored by the competition's gracious judges, Pritam Chivukula (Founder and Director at Tridhaatu Realty & Infra Pvt. Ltd) and Anurag Poddar (Co-founder, Hey Dhobi)

The cultural evening was nothing short of extravagant. The Award function recognized the achievements of some of our most successful alumni from the 1998 batch. From scintillating sounds of the Sur team, to Aks' outlandish performances, and to Vibes enthusiastic and uplifting dance performance- the cultural clubs of SIMS gave it their all- and the alumni were more than willing to (re)participate! The evening culminated in a thrilling performance by Yayati Zende Sir and Chetan Sindhwani Sir who also played a song with Sur.

And finally, this was followed by High-tea under the dome which was filled with an array of delicious food and alumni reminiscing their old memories with their fellow batch mates & faculty and sharing some of their experiences with the student council.

As the meet drew closer to an end, there was nostalgia in the air, and a promise to meet again soon.





Workshop details:

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps and connectors that work together to turn the unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive and interactive insights. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having depend on information technology staff or database administrators. With the intention of empowering our student managers with this tool, IT Cell invited Mr. Hemant Thakar, CEO of Educationbelt on September 8, 2018 to conduct a workshop on Power BI. The workshop unfolded with introduction to BI, followed by understanding the software interface. Data, relationship and visualization bar and application of those in databases. Relationship management of fact and dimension table was covered. The workshop concluded with making of personalized dashboards and publishing them to web. We hope that the student managers got great insights on the topic and got the opportunity to explore the world of data analytics with Power BI.

Sreerag Vinod & Akhil Satheesh on having secured 1st position in Agency the flagship event of, a Media Agency Simulation Competition conducted as part of NMIMS managerial fest Nityaksh 2018.
Shilpi Kaushik, Dr Arti and Dr Mita’s research paper has been declared the Best Paper of the Session in SIMC conference.
Heartiest Congratulations to Archana Murthy on winning the 2nd position in the National Declamation Contest organised by National Foundation for Corporate Governance along with SIMS. The competition was conducted in two phases: the first required us to submit a 1500-word paper on Corporate Governance: Developing Leaders from Within and received entries pan India. For the second and final round, the top ten papers were selected seeing participation from JNTU Telangana, Welingkar Bangalore, TISS Mumbai, SIIB, SCMS Cochin, LIBA Chennai and SIMS. Each participant was required to present their paper in front of a panel of judges and the top three were selected out of these.
Heartiest congratulations for Two teams from SIMS who won the 1st and 3rd position in HR-istic - an HR Case study competition conducted as part of NMIMS, Banglore managerial fest Nityaksh 2018 on 29th September 2018.  Nupur Pradhan,Pranay Bhagat & Vipula Singh secured the 1st position and were awarded with cash prize of Rs 10000/- and certificate of merit. Meghna Shokeen,Sahil Arora & Sharon Josheph secured the 3rd position and were awarded with cash prize of Rs 5000/- and certificate of merit. This is unique that two teams from any institute win top 2 positions amongst tough competition from other top B School teams. It is truly indicative of the talent in SIMS. Well done.
DATE 20 September 2018
CONDUCTED BY Yoddhas-Indians Fighting Against Cancer
Event Name Aashayein
Event Details Visit to bharti hospital

Writeup: The visit to the Bharti hospital was conducted by Yoddhas club on 20th September 2018. The team reached the hospital at around 10:00 am in the morning. The hospital was celebrating cancer and rose day on that day. We started the event by giving introduction about Yoddhas. Followed by the introduction, we distributed handmade greeting cards to kids suffering from Cancer. These cards were made by SIMS students at the greeting card competition- Aashayein. The team danced with joy with the children. In spite of having such a deadly disease, they danced with us forgetting all of their problems. This was followed by do’s and don’ts session by the team. The team also taught them the importance of yoga and conveyed that yoga should be done daily. The information of the children and their parents who were interested in Yoddhas was recorded. The event ended with gift distribution to children. The kids enjoyed to the fullest and the joy could be seen and felt in the atmosphere. The event was a success and the efforts of Yoddhas team were appreciated by the hospital.

- Yash Jadhav


CONDUCTED BY:NOESIS – The Operations Club

NAME OF THE SPEAKERS:Mr. Pramod Bhandari, General Manager, Tata Motors
Mr. Preetam Salvi, Lead- public cloud (Oracle), Sify technologies limited
Mr. Milind Patil, Associate VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain, TCS
Mr. Dinesh Munot, Director, Eskay Engichem Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Satish Pathak, Founder and Executive Director, Samiep Technologies Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

EVENT:Vichaar Manthan – Panel Discussion

NOESIS - The Operations Club of SIMS conducted Vichaar Manthan -The Panel Discussion on 22nd September’18. The topic of panel discussion was “Green Supply Chain- Opportunities and Challenges”. Mr. Milind Patil was the moderator for the panel discussion. The event was attended by first year students and second year students (Operations Major and Minor). The panel discussion was very informative and all the students gained a lot of insights on green supply chain from the discussion. The event went smoothly which included an exchange of various ideas based on different topics related to Green Supply Chain. The event ended by a Q & A among panel members and students.

Khandaker Ruhul Amin, Avinash Singh and Pankaj Yadav from MBA Batch 2017-19, stood 2nd and won ? 5,000/- cash prize in  "Ressurection- The second chance" competition organised by SIIB, Pune on 21st September 2018. This competition was a part of their national level marketing competition Markadiction 2018.
Heartiest Congratulations Shardul Ghatpande and Shashank Shankar MBA batch 2017-19. Their article titled "US-China Trade War: Its Impact on the Indian export market" has been ranked fourth best article in  "ChakraVyuh 1.0" organized by Delhi School of Economics. 
Congratulating Shubham Chauhan and Akhil Satheesh on securing 1st position in Serie Strategem, an Operations Case competition conducted as part of NMIMS, Banglore managerial fest Nityaks. This is indeed very good news, SIMS compliment and commend you both on this creditable achievement. Well done. SIMS is proud of you.
Bloomberg Study Visit :

A study visit to Bloomberg was organised by the Bloomberg club on 11th September 2018. The students visited the Bloomberg lab along with Prof. Rahul Dhaigude and Dr Vaishali Jain. There were students from batch 2017-19, 2018-20 and PGADM.

The students were given training on various functions of Bloomberg and this training was given by Mr. Saurav Prakash, Bloomberg. They were also exposed to the commonly used functions in Bloomberg by portfolio managers, and research analysts. It also covered various corporate governance reports along with fixed income securities. The trainer also covered intra-day trade data and how this data can be extracted from Bloomberg Data to make decisions. The most commonly used function EQS, Equity Screener was also dealt and explained to the students along with work flow analysis.

Overall this was an interesting and interactive session which helped the students to gain the insight into functionalities of Bloomberg terminals. The students also learned the various ways in which the data can be extracted and used to make various research reports.

Heartiest Congratulations Arti Jha on winning the 1st Position in "KRITANSH- BEST MANAGER Event" organised by SIIB under AGRI-SUMMIT 2018 along with a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

4 Thought, a panel discussion was arranged by SMark, the Marketing club of SIMS. The esteemed panel included:
  • Mr. Sudhir Rao (Ex Sr Director,Cognizant)
  • Mr. Sebastian Mony (Sr Consultant and Advisory,Mckinsky & Company)
  • Mr. Prakash Rao (Deputy Director ,SIIB)
  • Uday Sindhe (General Manager,Thyssenkrupp Industries)
  • Pramod PB (AVP & Branch Head, Federal Bank)
Infinite Club organised a panel discussion on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in service sector”. The panel included :
1 Adwait Bhave Machine Learning Engineer at Druva
2 Prasanna Vaidya Co Founder at Discovery AI
3 Abhay Pendse Associate Vice President (AVP) at Persistent Systems
4 Hemant Thakar Certified Psychologist and Finance & IT Trainer (Moderator)
5 Sumeet Nikam Technical Lead, Synerzip
6 Dr.Satish P.Patil Chief Data Scientist, CrySagi System
Girls Medley Relay- 3rd Position
Neha Singh
Kanmani Ravi
Malvika Singh
Suhasini Rathore
Boys Medley Relay- 2nd Position
Pranay Nanda
Malay Bhalakia
Karanjeet Singh Chahal
Darshan Shrestha
Individual 25 mtr backstroke- 3rd Position
Malay Bhalakia
Individual 25 mtr butterfly- 1st Position
Malay Bhalakia
SIMS team comprising of Arti Singh,Tanushree Khattri and Tanya Sharma secured 1st position among 75 top B school teams in Mindspark 2018 organized by SIBM, Pune. They were awarded a cash prize of Rs15000 and certificate of achievement.
Ms.Tanushree Khattri published her research paper titled "Save the real nectar: Water distribution system in multi storied apartments" Springer AISC book series
The People Tree – HR Club celebrated Teachers’ Day. The theme of the event was Comic Con. The teachers were allotted superhero and supervillain roles.
BARCODE : a two day managerial event was organised successfully on 1 and 2 Sept at SIMS


Hon’ble Union Minister of State, MOD, Government of India, was the chief guest at the Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw Memorial Lecture held at the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune, on June 22nd ,2018. The theme of the lecture was ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’

Through this campaign, he donated the clothes which were over 150kgs to an NGO called Deep Griha society at Tadiwala road in Pune. This attracted the attention of SIU board where by it was also posted in the university's Facebook page, HINDUSTAN TIMES, PUNE FRIDAY, JUNE 01 2018 page number 4 published an article about the same .

paper titled " Comparative study on effects on employee of maternity leave policies in India and Canada " along with Prof. Harshali Murudkar. This has been published in International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences

Tanvi Malik, Sumit Yadav and Dr Naval Lawande wrote a research paper titled "A Study of Diversity of personality in a Team and its Effect on Team Performance" in International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology'.

Congratulations to Dr Pravin on his Promotion to Professor
Rhea Sharma (batch 2017-19) won 1st prize for article writing competition organized by "Social Responsibility Forum" NMIMS, Mumbai.
Dr Arti, Dr Mita and Ms Rakshita Dubey wrote a chapter titled, “A Study to Analyze the Impact of the Sub-Prime Crisis on IPOs” which has been published in the book Economic Growth in Latin America and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis by IGI Global.

Dr Arti Chandani has been awarded Microsoft Azure Research Award worth USD 2000 proposal titled, "Use of Data Science for Placement Assistance"

Mr. Amandeep Singh, Mr. Ankush Rana along with Prof. M.K. Gandhi wrote a research paper titled "Comparative Analysis of Average Waiting Time in Public vs Private Banks & Determining Optimal Number of Banking Servers" which has been published in IJARCMS-

Dr Arti Chandani, Dr. Mita Mehta and Mr. Akhilesh Rathore received he third prize for best paper in SMS-NHRD national conference in Lucknow.

Abhimanyu Yadav (2004-06 batch) has been awarded as one of 100 HR Super Achievers in India by World HRD Congress

Ms. Rashika Chauhan and Prof. Kingshuk Bhadury wrote a research paper 'E-service guarantees- saviour or hoax?' which has been published in International Journal of Innovative Engineering and Emerging technology (IJIEET).

Dr. Pravin Kumar has been empaneled as Non-Executive Independent Director by Institute of Director .

Rohan Acharekar won the photography competition in SICSR event

Prof Vaishali Jain received the Best Paper Award in the 6th International Conference on "Alchemy of Leadership for Innovation and Sustainability" organized by SMS, Varanasi

Ms Renuu Kulkarni won the "100 Top Training & Development Minds" award at Talent Listing 2018 organized by World HRD Congress.

Hassan Wasswa, Neil Thorat, Pranav Matkar and Karanjeet Chahal won Runners Up position in FAD 5 a side Football League, organised by D7 Films & Media.
Merwyn D’Souza along with Prof. Kingshul Bhadury wrote a research paper titled “Localization of coupon industry: Dealing in local deals” which has published in the International Journal of Latest Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR).
SIMS Consulting Club organized a Case Study Competition- KURUKSHETRA, that was held on 12th Sept, 2017. 1st PRIZE : AADITEE RANE AND ANAGHA SANT MBA 2016-18 2nd PRIZE : MERWYN D’SOUZA AND SNEHA BANERJEE MBA 2016-18
Asha Tamminaina has been declared as one of the Best Intern at WIPRO. She has also got PPO from WIPRO.
Rashmi Bhandarkar, Disha Phirke along with Sanchari Debgupta and Dr. Pradyna Chitrao wrote a research paper titled, E-commerce And Brick-and-mortar Retail – A Study for online purchase of Smartphones which has been published in IJETTCS
Nisha Saini wrote a research paper titled ‘ What makes a customer choose an OTA (Online Travel Agency)?- An insight into a traveler’s mind’ which has been published in in the International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices.
Dr. Amit Agarwal wrote a research paper titled, “CCV Scale: Development and Validation of Customer Co-Created Value Scale in E-Services” which has been published in Current Psychology of Springer
Pradnya Chitrao and Pravin Kumar Bhoyar wrote a research paper titled, ” Educating the New Generation Entrepreneurs: The Role of Alumni Entrepreneurs” which has been published as a paper in a Springer publication titled Entrepreneurship Education.
Anagha Sant has been awarded “Certificate of Excellence – Speedy Execution” for his CPS project by Oyster
Ms. Aakanksha Saxena, Mr. Anurag, Mr. Nishant Rai, Mr. Gaurav Rathore, Ms. Jaya Mayadas and Mr. Narendra Sharma have cleared CFA level 1. Mr. Arjun Sindhwani has cleared CFA level 2.
Mr. Siddharth Bali (batch 2015-17) has cleared CFA level 3 to become CFA charter
Shivam Singh along with Prof Kingshuk Bhadury wrote a research paper title “An Understanding of movie offers on credit card and its effect on attracting & retaining credit card customers” which has been published in International Journal of Research in Finance and Marketing. url is
Karthik Ramaseshan and K Raj secured 1st position in Finberg, a Bloomberg based case study competition conducted by SIIB.
Living up to its tradition, the institute welcomed its 25th Batch of MBA and 9th batch of PGPM on 6th June 2017 with the Inauguration Ceremony. SIMS was honored to host Mr. Mohit Pande, Country Head – India, Google Cloud as the Chief Guest for the function. A proud alumnus of SIMS from the batch of 1998, Mr. Pande delivered a thought provoking address on how bleeding edge technologies are shaping the future and the need to acquaint oneself with the latest developments in the world. The ceremony was also graced with the presence of Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President of Symbiosis, Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director of Symbiosis Society and Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University. The dignitaries welcomed the students to the Symbiosis family and motivated them to work hard and capitalize on the opportunities provided by the college to hone a well-balanced skill set demanded by today’s competitive corporate sector
Col Sanjeev (Batch 2017-19) has been awarded “GOC-IN-C Southern Command COMMENDATION CARD” on Independence Day.
Jasminejeet Kaur along with Dr. Pradyna Chirtrao wrote a research paper titled “Mentoring Programs: A Case Study of an Automative Company” which has been published in International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering (IJMIE).
Rohini Unnikrishnan, (Batch 2013-15) delivered a TEDx talk on ‘method or madness to becoming young entrepreneur’. Link:
Dr. Hirak Dasgupta along with Nidhi Phutela wrote a research paper titled, “Companies perspective on Trust building Factors-:A Case of Online Tourism companies in India” which has been published in an edited book-Tourism Marketing:A Strategic Approach published by CRC Press, Taylor &Francis Group.
Dr Komal has been approved as Research Guide by SIU
Dr Suruchi has been elected Secretary of ISTD, Pune Chapter.
SIMS has been ranked 25 by Economic Times, B-School ranking in October, 2017 url
SIMS has been ranked 3rd under the category “Top B-Schools by Sector” for its MBA Executive in the country by “CSR-GHRDC” B-Schools Survey 2017.
Kavya Rathaur and Soumya Tripathi brought glory to SIMS by winning the Pan-India B-School Competition “Vantage Point” held at NMIMS Hyderabad