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MBA (Executive) is a 30 months program offered by Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), a constituent of prestigious NAAC ‘A’ graded Symbiosis International University (SIU) Pune conducted separately on Weekdays in the evening, and Weekends – Saturdays & Sundays from morning to evening, so you avail the benefits of the same top-ranked curriculum of our full-time MBA in addition to latest case study discussion and best pool of industry experienced faculty to build a solid foundation in all functional areas of business while gaining global, technology and entrepreneurial perspectives.

This degree program is designed specifically for Working Executives/Professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities essential for managing and leading organizations without sacrificing their current jobs. This also helps the working executives combine skill building with exploration of good management practices.

Specializations offered are:

  • MBA (Executive) in Marketing
  • MBA (Executive) in Finance
  • MBA (Executive) in Operations
  • MBA (Executive) in HR
  • MBA (Executive) in IT & Analytics

Students have to select any one specialization in 4th semester.

MBA (Executive) is a 30 months program offered by Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), a constituent of prestigious NAAC ‘A’ graded Symbiosis International University (SIU) Pune conducted on Weekdays in the evening and Weekends – Saturdays & Sundays from morning to evening, so you avail the benefits of the same top-ranked curriculum of our full-time MBA in addition to latest case study discussion and best pool of industry experienced faculty to build a solid foundation in all functional areas of business while gaining global, technology and entrepreneurial perspectives.

This degree program is designed specifically for Working Executives/Professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities essential for managing and leading organizations without sacrificing their current jobs. This also helps the working executives combine skill building with exploration of good management practices.

Today it is a normal practice in industry to rotate their executives to various disciplines so as to spot the talent for further grooming. During the intense 30 months program, the executive students will have options of specializations in one of the areas such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, and HR though they are given knowledge of other general management subjects too in addition to specializations. Students will work towards developing a deeper understanding of various facets of management and hone their business and managerial skills so it’s a perfect option to pursue a part-time MBA focused on leadership and move your career to the next level.

Program Offered


30 months

Weekdays & Weekends Separate Batches:

Weekdays Monday – Friday 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Weekends Saturdays & Sundays 10:00am – 6:00pm

Program Pattern:

Specialization Offered - Marketing / Finance / Operations / HR / IT & Analytics. Total five semesters


110 seats


Rs 4,06,000/- (all semesters)


All Internal Courses will have 100% component as internal evaluation at the Institute level. All External Courses will have 60% internal component and 40% component as external [University] exam.

Standard of Passing:

The assessment of the student for each examination is done, based on relative performance. Maximum Grade Point (GP) is 10.000 corresponding to A+. For all courses, a student is required to pass both internal and external examination separately with a minimum Grade Point of 4.000 corresponding to Grade D. Students securing less than 40% absolute marks in each head of passing will be declared FAIL. The University awards a degree to the student who has achieved a minimum CGPA of 4.000 out of maximum of 10.000 for the program.

Award of Degree:

MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Executive) will be awarded at the end of 5th semester examination by taking into consideration the performance of all 5 semesters examinations after obtaining minimum 4.00 CGPA out of 10 CGPA.


The pedagogy will be a mix of lectures, assignments, presentations, case discussions, project work, term end exams, management games etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The requisite eligibility criteria for MBA (Executive) at SIMS is as under:

  • An executive/professional seeking admission for the programme must possess Bachelor’s Degree of any Statutory University or any other recognized Foreign University with 50% marks and Two Years of Work Experience after graduation.

Admission Procedure

How to Apply:

Candidates seeking admission to MBA (Executive) Batch 2020-22, please follow the guidelines:

Fees Structure-For Academic Year 2020-21

Refund Rules

Tie-Up for Education Loan

Application Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programme Structure

The program structure is as follows:


1 Online Application Forms ( Started from 1st September, 2019
2 Application Forms submission with documents Now going on
3 Selection Process : Personal Interaction Going on (Monday -Saturday)
Program commencement
4 Weekdays (Monday – Friday: 7:00pm – 10:00pm) 6th July 2020 (Monday)
Weekends (Saturdays & Sundays – 10:00am – 6:00pm) 11th July 2020 (Saturday)

No. of students admitted in institute

Students are admitted accordingly

MBA (Executive) 2019-2021 101 52 153
MBA (Executive) 2018-2020 75 43 118
MBA (Executive) 2017-2019 92 24 116
MBA (Executive) 2016-2018 87 27 114
MBA (Executive) 2015-2017 87 17 104
MBA (Executive) 2014-2017 58 11 69
MBA (Executive) 2013-2016 33 01 34



Students Testimonials

Ms. Khape Deepali Dinkarrao (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Senior Software Engineer
Name of Current Employer: Sungard FIS
"Be open to learning from your colleagues rather than playing the role of sole problem solver", I belive the same and experiencing the same here.
The way of learning and real life application of the modules; with first-class professors, the ability to learn and explore new environments, networking across cultures, and of course, proving to myself I can do this. Not only I am growing as a person, but I heightened self-awareness, self-esteem, and abilities in leadership. The faculty is able to impart knowledge with a balanced view of what is really seen at the corporate level.
It automatically elevates the level of classroom discussions and case study analysis. Candidates would have already handled several live situations and would be in a great position to understand the course of action, as against the fresher who may not be able to imagine the same.

Mr Sijo Kunjumon (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Senior Associate
Name of Current Employer: WNS Global services ltd
Excellent faculty, Live Sessions, and Training

Mr Deepak Ramkumar Shukla (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Technical lead
Name of Current Employer: Tech Mahindra
Subject what covers the topics are really having good visualization. This is only due to well trained and knowledgeable faculties. Good learning from this Executive MBA course helpful for Professional as well as personal development. All faculties, staff members & Infrastructure are really excellent. I believe, it was my best decision to join SIMS Executive MBA.

Mr Mayank Kumar Agrawal (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Mechanical Engineer
Name of Current Employer: Schlumberger
This program is rightly designed for professionals like me who would like to more focus on learning aspect in the classroom. Curriculum covers each aspect of management theories, practices, tools and techniques. I am impressed with most of the faculty members whose way of teaching is fantastic to engage students in the classroom. I also appreciate the efforts being put from administration side to help students in best possible manner.

Mr Pandya Bhavin Nirmal (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Lead Associate
Name of Current Employer:WNS Global services ltd
This Programme is tailor-made and offers a lot to professionals from corporate world. It empowers them with the knowledge which acts a thrust to the career aspirations.

Mr Dulal Nand (Batch 2018-20)

Current Designation:Lt Colonel
Name of Current Employer: Indian Army, Govt of India
Perfect blend of knowledge and application of the theories and concepts. The knowledgeable & experienced faculties make it more interesting. Learning also from the intelligent and brilliant co-students takes it to a new level.

Ms Arti Shukla (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: System Engineer
Name of Current Employer: Accenture Services Pvt Ltd
It's very useful at this level to understand the management

Mr Amol Bembare (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Software Engineer
Name of Current Employer: Bizinnovativ Software Pvt Ltd.
It is very Informative and also Productive in terms of developing Management skills

Mr Anand Dani (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Senior Hardware Engineering Manager
Name of Current Employer: Imagination Technologies
Faculty members as well as the course in-charge and coordinator are very good and doing a good job. The discussions in the class are informative and valuable.

Mr Prashant Deokar (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation:Hardware Engineering Manager
Name of Current Employer: Imagination Technologies
A good blend of audience ranging from entry level engineers to mid management. Faculty is good enough to match the “Executive” MBA expectations.

Mr Saurabh Deshpande (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Sales Operations Specialist
Name of Current Employer: Symantec Software India Pvt Ltd

Mr Dhananjai Tomar (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Manager
Name of Current Employer: Fiat India Automobiles Pvt Ltd
I can visualize how this program is going to help in developing overall buisness perspective of every individual. All faculties are having excellent knowledge of the subject & delivering it an excellent way.

Mr Francis David Bernard (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: RIM - Member Technical
Name of Current Employer: ADP Pvt Ltd
Learning a lot of from this course and group.

Mr Devendra Heble (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Executive
Name of Current Employer: BSR & Associates LLP (KPMG Entity)
Very informative lectures. Excellent Faculty.

Mr Ravindra Ingale (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Manager
Name of Current Employer: Kirloskar Penumatic Co Ltd
Enjoying varieties of subjects & hope this course will develope

Mr Momin Khizar Md Mujmil Momin (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Deputy General Manager
Name of Current Employer: Bajaj Auto Limited
The classes conducted are really adding value. Professors are up to the mark and some are exceeding the expectations. Lots of learning is happening through discussions within the class.

Ms Roshni Nair (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Professional Services Manager
Name of Current Employer: Care Group
Athough the course has just started last month, it has already begun to broaden my perspective towards numerous topics. Really happy with the course structure & proficient, experienced Professors & adept support faculty.

Mr Piyush Kumar (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Lead - Business Associate
Name of Current Employer: Nitor Infotech
I find the course highly recommendable and is helping me fine tune my management skills.

Mr Prafulla Patwardhan (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Associate Director - Marketing
Name of Current Employer: Ace Perkins : The Magazine
Cross functional subjects of this course are helpful to develope the understanding of overall business aspect. I look forward for contiuned improvement and learning in coming times.

Mr Sawan Baiwal (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation:Senior Executive - Production
Name of Current Employer: Hassia Packaging Pvt Ltd (IMA Hassia INDIA)
This program seems to be very helping for me for my Carrer growth. In this, with Experience of the Faculty members teaching us, practically I'm being able to relate/implement the Management techniques in the Professional environment.

Mr Kedar Vanarse (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Senior Research Analyst
Name of Current Employer: SaleBuild ITES Ltd.
All the lectures have been really informative up till now.

Mr Vivek Kulkarni (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Senior Manager - Projects
Name of Current Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd
Very good faculty. The subjects and its contents seem good as of now. Timings and other logistical part also looks good. Overall seems well-planned and executed program.

Ms Reema Wadhwa (Batch 2016-18)

Current Designation: Analyst
Name of Current Employer: Deutsche Bank
So far so good, amazing till now.

Mr Youngil Park (Batch 2014)

“It surely helped me in building up knowledge base and theoretical background on top of my practical experience in the field, by which I could make a quantum leap for further growth and success.

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As a foreign student, there were a lot of difficulties during the course. I couldn’t have completed the course when confronted with the difficulties if I hadn’t had kind support from all people like SIMS mates, faculties, and coordinators. Now as an alumnus of SIMS, I’ll do my best to contribute myself to SIMS wherever I am.”

Mr Omprakash Maurya (Batch 2013)

“SIMS MBA (For Working Professionals) Program was extremely helpful in broadening my knowledge in the area of Finance, Business Management, International Marketing, Macro & Micro Economics.

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The program helped me understand various department functions, their roles and responsibilities and how they complement each other to achive organization shared vision. This program has helped me understand and perform my own role in the organization more effectively. This program has helped me positioned myself to play bigger role in the organization.”

Mr Sandeep Sohoni (Batch 2012)

“The knowledge earned during the process of SIMS MBA has enriched me in many ways: Put things (from what I learnt the hard way with experience as opposed to what MBA showed me) in perspective.

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Made me recognize my own management abilities & enhance some. Made me better enabled on finance knowledge within my career field & personally gave me a wider perspective on things known little earlier e.g. M&A, International Banking, Risk Management, Marketing-Statistics & Economics. Last but not the least; Made good friends along the way & learnt a lot from them.On lighter side: Best of all I can now at least understand & relate to what RBI, FM, Governor & Govt does on Financial aspects for the country.”

Mr Himanshu Suratwala (Batch 2014)

Tech Mahindra

“The very first lecture of the Executive MBA programme was of Macro Economics.

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I was so stunned by the depth of knowledge of faculty on the subject and insight on different perspective made me believe , Yes! It was the right decision to join the Executive MBA from SIMS. I thank SIMS and all its entire associated members Director Brig Rajiv Divekar and other faculty members for giving me a different perspective and giving me a broader vision on management.”

Mr Antony Augustine (Batch 2014)

Aptara Corporation

“The MBA (EE) course from SIMS has broadened and enhanced my knowledge base and helped me in developing my existing competencies.

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The course curriculum is up to date and designed in par with the current industrial /business trends. The sessions and rich interaction with experienced and professional faculties has enhanced my knowledge base. The course has helped me to frame my way of thinking and made me aware of the necessity of creative thinking. The assignments and different activities during the course were very thoughtful/helpful enough to gain knowledge and was much appreciated. The education I received has helped me a lot to first of all give me an orientation of what I would like to do and secondly, the practical approach followed throughout the course has provided me with valuable information helping me every day in my professional career.”

Mr Prashant Chaugule (Batch 2013)

Senior Engineer, Aker Solutions Ltd.

“I was lacking few managerial skills and this SIMS MBA (For Working Professionals) Program helped me to build these skills. Many management techniques learnt in this MBA(EE) program can be used in my day to day life.

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Good liaising with seniors and delegations to juniors can improve the efficiency in the work. Treasure of Management Skills which we learned in this MBA (EE) Program has boosted my overall confidence for the position I am working at. As these Management skills added another dimension to my career along with my present excellence knowledge of technical skills. Keeping Cross my fingures, I would like to say now these management assets will definitely assist me to climb the ladder in my corporate world.”

Mr Junaid Halai (Batch 2014)

Wipro Technologies

“Constructive and creative Lectures on day-to-day issues helped me to understand the organization issues.

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MBA also helped to get the big picture of the organization. It helped me to climb the one step of the ladder. Earlier, I was doing the Technical stuff but now I am also involved in proposition of the project. Executive MBA has also provided me the ability to lead, manage and motivate other staff members.”

Mr Sagar Kulkarni (Batch 2014)

Atlas Copco India Ltd

“The subjects included in the whole tenure were selected as per the requirement in the latest industry.

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Many times it happens that in professional life we work as per the Industry requirement but due to this course I was able to relate the things practically which I do in my organisation. The college library is one of the good and offers lot of books apart from the course also. This course has helped me to uplift my professional carrier and changed the way to look after and handle the situations. I would definitely recommend the course for those who are willing to do MBA but due to responsibilities or other personal reason are unable to join full time course.”

Mr Pranay Chaumwal (Batch 2014)

Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd

“Definitely the course helped a lot. Before enrolling for this course, I attended my last academic education 10-12 years back,

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I joined the course to get acquainted with different management theories, self-development, which can also be useful for climb the corporate ladder. The growth can be seen in the coming years to move ahead from our current position but definitely thinks this course helped lot.
SIMS designed the course in a way that executives will not have the burden of studies after hectic working life, they planned the syllabus, subjects which are useful in corporate life & assigned faculty who are having rich experience and depth knowledge for the subject. The management, coordinator always there to solve any raised concern by we student. It was a very good experience to be enrolled for the course with such an esteemed institute.”

Ms Medha Dedgaonkar (Batch 2014)

Otis ISRC Pvt Ltd

“Executive MBA course by SIMS offered coaching & guidance covering all aspects of Business Management.

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Subjects like Cost Accounting, Finance management, International Marketing, CRM, ASCM, Organizational Behavior, HR, etc. made us aware of some non-technical challenges that each Business face. Experienced & highly knowledgeable faculties at SIMS provided us an insight on possible solutions on these challenges & their section criteria under given situation with their real Industry examples. Subjects like Integrated learning made us aware of Global challenges. Especially a subject of Entrepreneurship helped me lead Innovation Drive at my Organization which was appreciated by management.”

Mr Omkar Parulekar (Batch 2014)

Parulekar Minerals

“This program helped me immensely in learning different aspects of management.

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It taught me that you cant win a race all on your own. You will need your teammates and goodwill & cooperation of your competitors too. It also helped me get good business contacts through my colleagues. I am extremely proud to be associated with such a great program from SIMS.”

Mr Pradeep Kumbhar (Batch 2014)

IGATE Global Solutions Ltd

“It has always been a dream to be a part of Symbiosis family and my dream came true the day I joined MBA (EE) programme at SIMS Pune.

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Apart from the brand legacy, the course helped me by complimenting my skill set. Peer learning also played a big role in enhancing the whole experience. It has brought me in contact with illustrious batch-mates and I cherish the exchange of thoughts, ideas and knowledge I got to meet with professionals from diverse backgrounds. The faculty really adds value to the course by their extensive experience. The cases discussed are very relevant and the practice helps in tackling real life situations. It gave me the strategic perspectives for effective decision making both in the short term and long term. This experience has boosted my confidence to tackle challenging situations at the workplace.”

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