Events At SIMS

"Aashayein" - Yoddhas Hospital Visit

Writeup: The visit to the Bharti hospital was conducted by Yoddhas club on 20th September 2018. The team reached the hospital at around 10:00 am in the morning. The hospital was celebrating cancer and rose day on that day. We started the event by giving introduction about Yoddhas. Followed by the introduction, we distributed handmade greeting cards to kids suffering from Cancer. These cards were made by SIMS students at the greeting card competition- Aashayein. The team danced with joy with the children. In spite of having such a deadly disease, they danced with us forgetting all of their problems. This was followed by do’s and don’ts session by the team. The team also taught them the importance of yoga and conveyed that yoga should be done daily. The information of the children and their parents who were interested in Yoddhas was recorded. The event ended with gift distribution to children. The kids enjoyed to the fullest and the joy could be seen and felt in the atmosphere. The event was a success and the efforts of Yoddhas team were appreciated by the hospital.

- Yash Jadhav