Events At SIMS

Block chain workshop

DATE: 04/09/2018



THEME: Introduction to Block chain and the paradigm shift in the digital age

A workshop was conducted by Mr. Ashok Bhansali on “Introduction to Block chain and the paradigm shift in the digital age” . He explained the concept of money from the barter system and how a contract does takes place. He further gave insight into the mechanism of block and how a chain is being formed. He made the session interesting by engaging students to make the block chain using plastic blocks which made the concept very easy to understand. He also gave insight into the used cases of the block chain in the corporate world along with the areas where block chain can be effectively used. He also discussed the regulatory framework and cyber laws governing block chain. Mr. Bhansali concluded session by giving insight into the career opportunities which this field offers along with how block chain is going to the game changer.

There were around 30 students who participated in the workshop. This workshop was organised by Bloomberg club to give insight into the latest happenings in the outside world. Mr. Bhansali was felicitated by memento along with a bamboo shoot by Dr. Arti Chandani, faculty in-charge, Bloomberg Club.