Events At SIMS


DATE: 1st and 2nd September 2018



There is no easy way to bring together 70-odd people to put together a national-level managerial fest in under a month's time. But Barcode-2018 showed the world how to do it- and do it splendidly.

It all started with team selections where a varied bunch of over 100 applicants were screened by the senior team for their suitability to the event. After an exhaustive screening session lasting two weeks, a team of 70 students - seniors and juniors - were handpicked to join hands across the various Barcode teams of Event Conceptualisation, Marketing and Sponsorship, Public Relations, Logistics, Moments, Creatives and the specialisation games.

In the month that it took to prepare for the event scheduled in September, 2018, all the teams put in their very best as they burnt the midnight oil upto 2 am each night in preparation for Barcode. While the Events Conceptualisation team took over the green room as they set the gears in motion for the 36-hour marathon Best Manager event in full secrecy, the Marketing and Sponsorship team could be found running from pillar to post outside college everyday in their quest to gather sponsors for the event. The specialisation games of Conundrum (Marketing), SmoothOps (Operations), Interpreter (HR) and Simstreet (Finance), too, went over and above what was required of them in preparing for their particular competitions.

Pulling their weight equally, if not more, was the PR team that had the arduous task of spreading the word about Barcode on social media, aligning various team schedules and coordinating with judges, all of which they did over endless cups of coffee and conversation.

The Creatives and Moments team, too, were kept busy all through as they tried to capture the whirlwind of activity and energy on display through the medium of art. But one team that made all these disparate activities come together to make an event in the true sense was the Logistics team who operated in the background but were, in all honesty, the real stars of the show.

Coming to the 2-days of the event itself, out of over 350 applications received from a hundred different colleges all over the country, only a select few were invited on campus. The non-SIMS students were treated to a small glimpse of the famous SIMS hospitality as students, both within Barcode and outside, strove extra-hard to make the participants feel at home. The title sponsors for the event, Vistaar 360, played a pivotal role towards facilitating the same as they held free craniosacral therapy sessions for the participants that helped their minds and bodies relax for the much-required boost in order to take on the various challenges in store for them. But it wasn't all strict and professional as multiple arrangements made for non-participants ensured they had their share of fun, too. A PlayStation arena, a treasure hunt and a tug of war; LAN gaming; food stalls etc., made sure that there was something for everyone to take back home. A special highlight of the event was the performance by stand up comedian Gaurav Kapoor who had the audience in splits with his gags on Delhi, the Tata Nano and air travel.

Barcode concluded with the winners being awarded their prizes by the SIMS Campus Administrator Lt Col (Retd) MN Bade and Events Cell faculty coordinator Dr Ruby Chanda following which the curtains went down on the event amidst a huge round of applause.