Events At SIMS

Orion 2018

Date: 13th, 14th January 2018

Orion is the Annual Management Sports &Cultural Festival of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune. As its namesake rises in the sky the entire college starts working towards the execution of ‘Orion’. In the quest to reach the zenith Orion has come a long way since 2009. Each year it morphs into a phenomena that leaves a poignant memory behind. Orion has something for everyone, ranging from the race to become the ‘Best Manage’ to head banging at the ‘Battle of Bands’. The entire college gets enveloped in the beats of dance, tunes of music and the emotions of drama. In this 25th year of SIMS, ORION is back with the theme Excelsior promising to reach new heights. This year as part of pre Orion, Santa delivered secret messages all over the campus. Each day until Orion will be something new and out of box in accordance with its tagline “Unexpect the expected”. There were various pre Orion days for the students, staff and faculty to enjoy like the monochrome day, twining day, kala chasma day, traditional day and the most famous of them all the casual day. In memory of Harshvardhan Singh Raghav 9th January was the red and white day.As a part of pre Orion celebrations there was a flash mob conducted in SI (DU), Lavale and Westend mall. The week leading up to Orion was full of interesting evening events like karaoke, jamming session and Movie.Ed.

The Orion opening ceremony had a wonderful performance by kinds of Kamiyani School and our own Sur and Vibes. Finally Orion 2018 began on 13th January with starting of Arjuna, the forty hour long flagship managerial event of Orion. There were events like Maverick, Footloose (group), Kala and Ozyris on day one. Day two of Orion had Avant Garde – the fashion show and Footloose (solo). Each and every event of Orion had participants from various colleges across the country. The event ended with the awards ceremony in the evening. The highlight of the closing of Orion was a performance by a band named Coshish.

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