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Defence Acquisition Program- Orientation Program

Conducted two days Orientation Program in "Defence Acquisition Management". The objective of the program was to provide an opportunity to the participants to get familiar with Defence Procurement Process and explains the various policies and procedures related to procurement for in-service military equipment in India. This program was directed and delivered by Maj Gen Mrinal Suman who is the most prominent faculty for Defence Procurement Process in the country. He is Head of Defence Technical Assessment and Advisory Group (CII) and Defence Acquisition Management Studies. Along with him, Lt Gen Bhat took “Vendor Assessment” session and Comdr Alok Bhagwat conducted one case study on “ Indigenous Capability Building via Technology Transfer route in Naval Warship Projects – Case Studies and way ahead”. There were 29 participants sponsored from different Industries namely L&T, TATA Motors, Endurance Technologies Ltd, Vidarbha Defence Industrial Hub Pvt. Ltd, Valveworks India Private Limited and Cologicx Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Theta Controls). All the participants sowed their interest in joining Certificate course which is scheduled in coming semester.

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