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SIMS Celebrates 25 th Foundation Day

Beyond classrooms! Outside the mundane box where books and theories govern the rules, where rote and logic synergise to leave you bewildered, there lies an environment alive and real, fraught with the elements! The elements of business: Money, Men and Managers! Their interplay: how the market moves; how teams realise goals; how failures are turned into opportunities! The genesis of the curriculum at SIMS in the 25 years gone by has been an amalgam of just that – training efficient managers and nurturing good human beings!

While Oxford and Harvard paved our passage through the 19th & 20th century and beyond it is their newer avatars that now wield the baton. Resultantly newer centres of excellence are emerging. The strength of these centres is manifested in how their alumni contribute to their respective domains. Founded on principles of nobility and universal good, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies traces its origins back to one man's dream which took shape in 1971. With the motto, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' – World is One Family, the institute embarked on its mission and has given the industry individuals who have been harbingers of discipline, responsibility, innovation and application! These ideals are imbibed into the alumni through a meticulously planned, ably structured and socially responsible curriculum thus living up to its vision of ‘Promoting international understanding through quality education.’ Here we stand commemorating 25 years of how this institution carves neophytes into able and efficient managers.

The Foundation Week of SIMS started on a noble front with the college paying homage to the Armed Forces with its event ‘Letters to the Military’. With post cards capturing their emotions, students and faculty came together to express their gratitude to the soldiers for their selfless service to the Nation. ‘Division Wars’, centred around testing how the students would collaborate and work together when confronted with a difficult situation. The different specialisations of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations got together for a face-off through a series of games designed to test the teams across different attributes. The week also saw a range of activities that gave the students a chance to step out of the disciplined corporate environment of the college. Breaking the Monday blues, No-Shave- Casual Monday allowed the students to ditch those Business suits and ‘ease it up’ with a pair of Jeans and t-shirts. Events such as Mad Night and Cultural Gali induced an element of fun and frolic with music, art and dance to supplement the vibrant ambience. “The idea of Cultural Gali sprung from a love for Street food that all of us share! The students wanted to create a traditional set-up with vendors offering a wide range of delicacies.” says Krishna, sharing her experience of organising the Cultural Gali.

Twenty Fifth Foundation Day Ceremony of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies took place on 8th of February 2017 at its own campus. The ceremony was presided over by the Chancellor of SIU and Founder of Symbiosis Society, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar; Vice Chancellor, Dr. Rajani Gupte; Principal Director, Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar; Guest of Honor, Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian (Founder of SIMS) and Chief Guest; Lt. Gen. Raymond Joseph Noronha. Senior Alumni, Members from SIU and Symbiosis Society, Managing Committee, Standing Committee, Ex- members (staff and faculty) of SIMS also attended the Silver Jubilee Ceremony including the present faculty, staff and students.

On the day, SIMS also recognized and felicitated Dr. (Col.) A Balasubramanian, who came up with the idea of starting an institute solely for Defence Personnel and their Dependents. SIMS also felicitated Former Directors-Mr. Ranjeet Mudholkar; Prof. David S. Kadam; Brig. H. Chukerbuti, Standing Committee Member, Lt. Gen. Moti Dar and Late Dr. Ashwini Purandare, who helped SIMS in shaping the way it is today.

A movie on SIMS illustrious existence, titled “The Silver Saga” was shown on this occasion. "The Silver Chronicles", which is the coffee table book of SIMS, was also released on this day. The book showcases the glorious history of SIMS over these twenty five years.

Sur, the music club, brought in melody and left the audience humming to their beats which was soon followed by a contemporary performance by Vibes depicting the vices that plague mankind and how one can overcome them. All were captivated by the actors of AKS who explored the dynamics of the relationship between a soldier and his son.

The informal event began with the Faculty games which allowed the staff to unwind through a series of fun activities. With the intention of creating a buzz akin to the Oscars, the Awards night highlighted the achievements of certain students who kindle energy and vitality in the batch!

The Foundation Week activities were truly a concise compilation of the ethos of SIMS: a judicious mix of fun and formal, of cerebral and cultural, of tradition and technology! SIMS is moving steadily with rigour and deftness, on the path of management education to

Make a Difference….

The Silver Chronicles