Events At SIMS

Guest Lecture by Ms. Shital Kakkar Mehta on “Building your Online Presence” 5th November 2020

Ms. Shital Kakkar Mehta has personally trained 45,000 professionals from leading multinational and progressive Indian companies across industries, equipping them with the knowledge they need to perform confidently at the highest levels. Her trademark way of blending the Indian corporate ethos with global best-in-class practices is a skill she has fine-tuned in her 20 years of experience. She spoke about punctuality and physical presence at homes and gave more emphasis on being consistent on online platforms. She also emphasized curating one’s online presence to suit their personality. Her Mantra for the situation was to be presentable and be ready as you would be physical. Her address during the session inspired and guided the students to be better presenters overall in the digital world. Her words “everyone is interesting and everyone is charming “made each student smile.