Events At SIMS


The HR club had its flagship specialisation event called the Barcode Interpreters at Barcode 2019.We started off on a mammoth registration of 511 participants for our event. After the preliminary quiz on HR we selected a total of 8 teams for our finale events. The event comprised of 4 rounds. Round 1 was a pre work submission on formation, recruiting, training and developing a mafia organisation of your own. The round saw participants creativity and some amazing ideas of a mafia .Round 2 consisted of Snippets of a situation wherein the employees of a hospitality partner company were fired by mistake and the participants were supposed to salvage the situation. The participants bore the heat and stormed through. Round 3 consisted of a video based Intergalactic War between two factions namely the Frontier and the IMC. The case study dealt with forming an army for the last war including all forces namely snipers, riflemen, pilots and ai triggered titans. The round saw out of the world (literally) presentations. Round 4 dealt with an on the spot case study about the dilemma of an HR head about the gig economy and balancing its repercussions with the current workforce. The time crunch made some wither and some shine like never before. The judges for the round were eminent faculty and professionals from the HR world who didn’t make it easy for the participants and had everyone sitting with bated breaths for the result. In the end we won the second-best team at Barcode and ended the event on an incredible high.