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The Student Council
The Academic cell

The academic cell of SIMS, looks after the coordination of various academic activities like the orientation, board of studies , organising tutorials, the e-primer to name a few. It comprises of junior and senior students who work under the academic department. The objective of the academic cell at SIMS is to achieve academic excellence with the help of matching the industry requirements with academic syllabus.

The Alumni Cell

The alumni cell aims at generating and maintaining an effective alumni network. We try to reach out to the alumni and keep them connected to the alma-mater through mediums like alumni meets, guest lectures, seminars and newsletters. The Alumni Cell organizes meets at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and the National Meet at Pune and also has a mentorship programme through which interested alumni reach out to the current students. [LinkedIn page ]

The Editorial Cell 

Editorial cell is the voice of SIMS. It provides the institute with corporate and media exposure bringing our students to the forefront of the latest happenings in the business world. They conceptualize create and review the in-house magazines and newsletters.

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell)

The Entrepreneurship Cell at SIMS is a place for people who have a sincere desire to work towards entrepreneurship. We want to explore the Entrepreneurship spirit of young talent with constant mentorship from the National Entrepreneurship Network. E-Cell at SIMS is also actively working towards setting up an incubator centre inside the Campus. It invites various eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures to educate students about the advantages and hardships of entrepreneurship. Guest Lectures, Mentorship programs, Business Plan workshops, Case study workshops etc. are conducted throughout the year to involve students in activities that are essential to an entrepreneur.

The Events Cell

The events cell is the nervous system of the college when it comes to events and activities on and off campus. Whether it is organizing the cultural fest or hosting business seminars, the events cell makes sure that the lives of students are filled with fun and entertainment. To sum it up we make sure students enjoy their MBA and remember their college days in best of their memories. So whenever you need a doze of fun just ring the bell and you will see the events cell at work.

The Infrastructure Cell

Infrastructure is a significant part of the council and therefore plays a vital role in assuring smooth and efficient working of prime facilities provided by the institute like the mess, hostels, and parking. It acts as a catalyst between the student managers and the institute.

The IT Cell

IT forms the backbone of the campus technological facilities. It is in charge of maintaining the information and communication needs of the students and faculty.

The Placement Cell

The placement cell coordinates all placement activities and helps guide their batch mates for successful career placements. It acts as an interface between the academic program of the students and their entry into the corporate world.

The Sports Cell

The Sports cell of SIMS is called STAGS (SIMS Team for Administration of Games and Sports). The purpose of the cell is to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship amongst student managers. The cell conducts various sporting events for student managers, faculty and staff. SIMS students have won many laurels at inter institute, national and international events.

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