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A fun filled and enjoyable session was organised under the 360 Degree lecture series. The speaker was Mr Arvind Gupta who showed the student managers how scientific principles can be made fun and easy to learn by way of using small things available all around us. He engaged the audience by showing them some of the toys he had made and how they could be made by anyone with items of daily use. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by student managers and faculty alike and ended with a standing ovation for the speaker.

On 30th August, Mr. Nikhil Raibole, Brand planning director with Lowe Lintas with experience in Advertising, Media , Brand Communication Planning, Marketing Research & Management Teaching gave a talk on strategic Planning & Creativity in Advertising. He talked about the importance of the motto for a brand which could make it a loved market leader or could create a pitfall for itself.

The various problems a brand could face can be - Loss of Market position, sales, drop in share price, the brand not performing and many more. Thus the change required has to be so phenomenal that it clearly specifies what it exactly is, what it can do for the consumers and what it can give to make the consumers want it even if the need does not exist at that time. All this has to be consumer centric in today’s world.

Mr. Raibole conveyed that an attractive marketing technique should be either a functional or a rational strategy or should be able to play on the consumers psyche, i.e. on an emotional front. For this the marketing campaign should be creatively expressed so as to leave an impression in the mind of the market it targets. The power of a brand should be respected because it can decide the fate/future of any product

Thus to get a desired response the correct stimulus is required for a successful campaign. And we as budding managers need to develop a sense of understanding of what might appeal to the population targeted, in a completely new way, in this already saturated market. He suggests us to look through different lenses at the world around us, to read up a lot and always ask the question-why, to hone our skills.

My goal is simple,- To be happy!

360 degree team kick-started the series with yet another energetic wave of speech from the Very popular public speaker, motivator & corporate trainer Mr. Minocher Patel.

Mr. Minocher Patel awarded with "The Katha", UK Global excellence award at the House of Lords, London for emerging as the best, powerful and entertaining motivational speakers produced by India. Mr. Patel addressed the student managers on "The Power of Happy Leadership".

The pioneering personality presented a lecture that was oratorical endorsement of the value of being happy to perform better as a leader. He elaborated as to how each person is responsible for his own happiness and should find it in the little moments, which every phase of life brings to him. One should not wait for the big things to happen. Mr. Patel voiced his ideas on being in a good state of mind, being expressive, to be sincere and to train our minds to be contended, because a happy leader will always create happy occasions, moments and feelings.

The emphasis was on the importance of self-motivation and the requirement of having a vision, a goal, an aim. It was also very educating to understand the importance of being humble, grateful and modest and this advice of his would definitely transform ordinary to extraordinary

Mr. Minocher Patel concluded his speech with the belief of being patient and calm so that you grow to succeed.

Mr. Cyrus Bharucha's lecture

Lights. . Camera. . REALITY!!

Audience was lured in with the promise of an intriguing lecture and captivated by a well-crafted narrative style of delivery. 360 degree team was able to rope in yet another pioneering personality, Cyrus Bharucha, an award-winning director and producer, and former BBC and CNN journalist.

The heart of the plot was making of a documentary on the floods in Pakistan in which the narrator took the audience to a journey through Pakistan in that time of turmoil with a mix of some contentious juicy anecdotes about the former prime minister Zulfikar Bhutto. The scene is set 40 years in the past in London where Mr Cyrus passionately pitches his idea to make a documentary covering the floods in Pakistan. With his crew ready, they set for their journey into the foreign land. Once in Pakistan, he decides to meet Mr Bhutto and the scene shifts to Mr Bhutto’s a house with Cyrus Bharucha entering the mansion to find a struggling Mr Bhutto trying to put on a pair of trousers. He sallies forth to request the puzzled PM (now fully dressed) to help him in his endeavour to which he agrees. Bharucha to everyone’s delight, later revealed that Mr Bhutto owed him one. Back in London he had helped Mr Bhutto in his “time of desperation” - by arranging for him to watch the saucy “Last Tango in Paris” at the Prince Charles theatre.

The story moves along and now the crew is in Hyderabad at the flood site, where they discover that the real picture is actually riddled with political motives. To get to the depth of the issue Cyrus and his team interview Mr Bhutto as well as the opposition party leader Wali Khan. It becomes abundantly clear that the bundhs holding the flood water were intentionally blown up in the wake of vested interests of the parties. This was a huge gambit and the PM was milking the situation under the name of Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (stressing on his egotistical approach). The footage was then played for the audience and it painted profoundly the real picture of the scenario.

On a parting note Mr Bharucha divulged about his enticing profession and its backdrop of real theatrics where they have to tread on very fine lines in times of intense danger. It adds to the adrenaline but that’s one way of looking at it, he said. His seasoned approach had left the audience spellbound and wanting for more.

Shaheen Mistri – Deciding what to be

A lady who has demonstrated sheer courage, strength, perseverance in her life, an epitome of poise and elegance, Ms. Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach for India is an inspiration for many. She left her plush life in the United States and choose to follow a completely different path, looking after and working for the under privileged in India.

She visited Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies on 7 September, 2013. While delivering her talk to the student managers at SIMS, she narrated to them some of the key experiences in her life and how they shaped her outlook and way of viewing the world. Speaking about the aim and vision of Teach for India, she said that her organization aims to redraw the country in such a way that every Indian would be proud of.

Ms. Mistri spoke about the importance of being different and trusting one self. ‘It is important to have belief and not judge yourself’, she said. She also emphasized on the fact that a person does not have to be different to be different. He must be different when it matters.

Ms. Mistri spoke about the golden circle and how it is important for every person to figure out their true purpose in life. A purpose that would drive them to push their limits to the extent that would help them achieve the pinnacles of success, not only for themselves, but for the society as well. She reiterated that, ‘if your ‘purpose’ is the fundamental driver behind doing your work and not stress, then you will definitely do well.’For Ms. Mistri, it is the love, joy, spontaneity and energy from children that gets her going and is her true ‘purpose’.

On talking about staying humble and small, Ms. Mistri narrated the story of when she met Kanti Kaka, a man who has made statues of Mahatma Gandhi for the past 60 years without asking for money in return. His philosophy in life was that we come into this world crying, but our only aim should be to leave the world laughing. Just give good in life and accept the duality of good and bad that life has to offer. Having a goal in life is important, the bigness attached to it is also important. Also, it is the small things in life that we do every day that make a difference.

A lady, whose forteir is humility, said that her way of staying small is that she doesn’t keep any award that she gets, not because she doesn’t appreciate the love that is shown towards her, but because she doesn’t want her work to be about a belief that it is different from others.

Ms. Mistri also spoke about the importance to ‘give’ in life. She said that we all must ask ourselves, how much will we give and how much can we do for each other. It is imperative to give in today’s world to make it a better place. For Ms. Mistri, what makes her feel really good about her work is the human potential. She said that people can achieve the unachievable if they just focus, put their mind to the task and give it the best they can.

At the end, she told all the student managers that they should be thankful for what they have and not focus on what they don’t have. Cultivating a spirit of gratitude is essential and is something that shouldn’t be forgotten.


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