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Executive PGDM (Full Time), Executive MBA (Part Time) and Diploma Programs

Emerging Evolving Experiencing - Redefining Horizons

Over the years the directions of businesses have shown a single trend that those who can lead, those who can run businesses, those who can direct people, those who can make difficult choices, those who can think beyond what is visible, those who care and make themselves responsible for what happens to the business in day to day life, excel and their business flourish.

We bring out this holistic approach within the student managers who have come from one or the other areas of specializations and groom them with the ability to view business as a whole and broaden their horizons.

For most of our student managers, joining this EXPGDM is a successful career move from specialist expertise to a general management position.

Managers must understand the communication dynamics today, when the world is one large platform and you need to speak the global language of growth and prosperity.

We enrich our student managers not only to interact but to effectively achieve together much more.

We help create leaders who are better able to motivate and guide other people, who can welcome change and challenge the existing rules of the game.

EX-PGDM: An Insight
Designed for senior and mid-career executives, the SIMS EX-PGDM Program is flexible and challenging. The program emphasizes teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration, leadership and adaptability. The renowned faculty and stimulating curriculum has consistently ranked in SIMS at higher levels amongst its peers.

EX-PGDM students are put through rigorous schedules. The benefits of this ambitious schedule are clear: Executive PGDMs don't have to wait until they get on to the job to test classroom strategies on the job - they can start Monday morning.

Considering the nature of the work exposure, the student managers aim and aspire to be future of a growing India and the Globalization opportunities a galore. The program has been designed in such a way that it not only complements and supports

We have participants in this program with strong leadership potential, clear motivation and drive to achieve. Coming from varied and diversified backgrounds, each one of them brings their rich business experience and recognized achievements, eager to enrich themselves, sharing best practices with people from other cultures and other industries. In addition to strong analytical skills, they also demonstrate emotional maturity and interpersonal skills. They are high achievers, with solid academic credentials, and a strong track record as managers. Most have been identified in their company as very high potential talents. As such, they are mature professionals, able to exercise sound judgment and to share worthwhile experience.

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