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Research at SIMS
At SIMS, there is an ongoing quest for knowledge and improvement. This quest is now reflected in our in-house refereed research journal, 'JIDNYASA: Thirst for Knowledge'. JIDNYASA in Sanskrit carries a meaning that is in deep resonance with the core ideology that goes behind any institute of learning in the world. Jidnyasa has been launched with a dual objective. The first objective is to nurture a culture of disciplined and focused research amongst our students as well as faculty. The second objective is to provide a medium for the entire SIMS community to enrich itself from research carried out by its peers.

SIMS has encouraged its faculty as well as student managers to try and understand business trends through varied research projects both sponsored as well as non-sponsored. It has encouraged its full time faculty to enroll for PhD programs. Faculty is engaged in PhD research in diverse areas like Finance, Automobile Industry, Rural Marketing, and Marketing Practices with reference to professional ethics, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Economic Convergence. In addition, some student managers conduct research in companies by way of summer projects and live projects. The curriculum also demands that every student manager submit a research paper in every subject. Student managers are encouraged to undertake consultancy projects involving detailed research like the Pune Cantonment Board, Traffic Regulation Project, the Parking Solution Project, the PCB Hospital Project, World Military Games, and the TATA Ace project for Piaggio. On 7th March 2009, SIMS signed an MoU with PMC for conducting a research based consultancy for Slum Improvement. Pranay volunteers now are guiding Pragati members (an NGO for upliftment of women living in slums) and enabling them to improve their lives.

A Research Committee has been set up in June 2007. This Committee decides the thrust areas for research and actively seeks research opportunities for both faculty members as well as student managers. Research has been initiated in a major way in the areas of Corporate Governance ('Corporate Social Responsibility' and 'Improving Internal Controls') and Banking & Finance ('Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Banking Services' and 'Risk Management Analysis').

The institute has collaborated with Leeds Metropolitan University for students and faculty exchange programs and research projects. Many students have taken advantage of the exchange program and are currently obtaining credits and an MA Degree at the Leeds Business School. Director has been on a faculty exchange program to Leeds in December 2005 and another faculty also toured Leeds in March 2008 as part of faculty exchange program. Four faculty of Leeds Business School have conducted classes at SIMS over last two years. The Research projects are to commence in the forthcoming academic year.

The institute is an accredited Centre for Corporate Governance of the National Foundation of Corporate Governance established by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and CII. It has two ongoing research projects supported by the NFCG, and has received approval for two more projects.

Prof Vanishree wrote a research paper

Prof Vanishree wrote a research paper titled "Drivers of eshopping behaviour" which has been published by "Elsevier's Procedia Economics and Finance". Read more

Dr Shubhada wrote a research paper

Dr Shubhada wrote a research paper "India’s Foreign Trade and Socio-Economic Development (Trio of WTO compliance, Currency Depreciation and Global Crisis" which has been published by "Elsevier's ... Read more

Dr Pravin Kumar wrote a research paper

Dr  Pravin Kumar wrote a research paper  "Due Diligence to Assess and Validate the Students Entrepreneurs and Their Business Plans – An Investors’ Contemporary Approach" which has been... Read more

Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar wrote a paper

Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar wrote a paper on, "The effects of Advertising on Youth” which has been accepted for publication inInternational Journal of Management (IJM), Volume 5, Issue 6, (June 2014) Read more

Sanchari Debgupta wrote a paper

Sanchari Debgupta wrote a paper on "Vandalisation of womanhood-a social hypocrisy'" in the online journal 'The Indian Economist: For the Curious Mind" Read more