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Our clubs provide a vibrant, collective and fun community to suit the needs of our diverse student body. Whether one’s interested in academic, cultural or sports clubs there is always more going on than you could ever have time for. Clubs provide students with an opportunity to explore their areas of interest and help them develop team skills.

pranay"Pranay" is a first of its kind social initiative to be launched by a B-school. Through our efforts at PRANAY, we help the less fortunate in realizing their true potential while truly Comprehending the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Working with NGOs helps us keep in touch with social realities and inspires us to make meaningful contributions to society; while simultaneously furnishing us with real time exposure for implementing and applying our theoretical knowledge in environments of adversity. Pranay works closely with NGOs like Akanksha, QMTI, PETA, Dignity India, Maher, Beauty without Cruelty. PRANAY is not about sacrifice and selfless work but about loving yourself and your work so much that it touches the lives of the people around you.
SIMS this year is introducing Social Responsibility Activities as a noncredit, graded course for third and second semester student managers wherein on a voluntary basis, they will work on companies' social service projects on Saturdays.
Link to Pranay’s Website : Click Here
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”
Sur, the Music Club, is a group of music lovers who come together to sing, play and create amazing tunes. It gives students a platform (and stage) to showcase their myriad talents and musical styles, from rock to pop to classical, and everything in between. Sur performances are always eagerly anticipated at college events, and the impromptu jam sessions can brighten up campus any day.
ABBA said it the best. Thank you for the music.

“Actors should be overheard, not listened to, and the audience is 50 percent of the performance.”
Ask This is the key phrase by which the Dramatics club of SIMS swears by. Aks is a platform wherein the audience is transported to a different realm altogether, where the Actors on Stage cease being Student Managers, and become the characters they portray.
To put up a single successful production, student managers are tested in terms of coordination, timing, diplomacy and most important of all, management- be it the script, direction, music or even the entire show.
Aks- A reflection of what you ARE and what you CAN be.

Women's cell:
womenscellWomen's cell of SIMS, first of its kind, promotes diversity and equality of opportunity for both genders and facilitates underprivileged women of our society. The cell holds an annual seminar called 'Womancipation' which invites established women dignitaries from different spheres of life, who have made it big overcoming various obstacles in life, to share their experience with our student managers.
infiniteIt is a student run group focused on preparing student managers for careers in finance. It caters to those who have a keen interest in this field and equips them with financial skills, giving them an added advantage in the corporate world. The Student initiative conducts a plethora of workshops to transform knowledge to skills which encompass case studies and live projects which prepare the student managers to compete and challenge the best in Inter-B School Competitions.
Orgnized Below Events :
hrtreeThe People Tree - The HR Club:
This club aims at providing a platform to the student managers for putting on their thinking caps and actually putting to practice the theory learnt. In this light, student managers have organized events like HR quizzes, focus group discussions, documentary screenings and the likes.
vibes"To dance is to be out of yourself- Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  ~Agnes De Milleday" Dance is the soulful expression of feelings, thoughts and ideas. Vibes, the dance club of SIMS, provides respite to students from the hectic life of college and also instills in student managers qualities like Teamwork, Coordination and Dedication to work in a completely different way.

smarkFor this marketing club of SIMS, marketing is a religion. Smark strives to inculcate a passion for the field of marketing and promote it as a challenging career option. Our endeavour is to work closely with students, faculty and alumni and marketing executives in order to expand the learning beyond classroom.
The Academics Cell
The academics cell works towards greater industry-academia interaction. This enables constant updating of the curriculum which provides the students the latest and the finest in the contemporary management education.

Noesis - The Operations Club:
smarkOperations is the core of every business and plays a pivotal role in any business's success. Noesis is the Operations Club of SIMS that aims to inspire students to come up with improvements in terms of cost, quality, and time- by innovating on, and simplifying day-to-day activities. The word "Noesis" is a process of the mind that analyzes complex things with simplicity. We believe that the best ideas are the simplest ones.
SIMS PRODUCTION HOUSE- Sims Production House:
smarkIt is the first of its kind by any B- School across India. The Sims Production House imparts the student managers , the real time experience of concept ,production, direction, finance ,promotion & advertisement. It produces short films on social , theatrical , management , corporate & several other themes in the most professional way . So with the most fun, frolic & exciting way of making short films students get the exposure to the advertisement & communication world. Apart from these it is also an online Media Manager & marketer for SIMS. It rejuvenates the hidden or the dropped up talent inside you .
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  • Rapes in India are not a hidden fact anymore. We as responsible citizens of the country need to build a society where women are empowered and live a fearless life.
    Please watch, like and share the video if you feel that you can be a part of the change!! This is a short film on the need for a change in the society.
    You can watch the film on: Youtube
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Launched on 14th february 2013 First Activity done by club - Lauched its first show CAMPUS LIVE - On the couch show, in which Brig. Rajiv Divekar (Director,SIMS) was called as a guest & interviewed.

For any events and activities related queries please contact the events cell at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Backpackers-The Adventure Club
smark Is a student driven initiative to organise continuing programme of trekking and related outdoor adventure events. It aims to expose students to the great outdoors, promote team building, spirit of adventure and a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the heritage. As a part of our long term plans, we would tie up with other teams / clubs (college or otherwise) and increase networking.

An initiative -  iStations - The Information Team

Markets are dynamic and it is not easy to cope with the flood of information that is generated everyday, considering the busy schedule everyday at SIMS. With a view of imparting consolidated business knowledge and information on a daily basis, iStations was conceptualized and initiated in December 2011 by one of our student managers Lakkshay Bussi of Batch 2011-2013 and promoted by the Director,SIMS. It aims at increasing the business knowledge and acumen of the student managers by sharing Live Business Information across all industries through different sources and innovative services within the campus.The services currently under iStations banner are iStations Live and PocketPedia and KhabriBuffalo.

iStations Live is our own customized news channel on which Live news is played. The news ranges from Live industry feeds to Live stock markets and commodity prices. The event promotions, campus news, core business concepts and daily Academics inputs is also played on it.The students get updated with the latest(Real time) market dynamics also.

PocketPedia is a one page concept that covers top 25 Industry news for last two days. It is circulated throughout the campus thrice a week on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.This free service currently has over 350 members(Students,Alumni, Staff and Faculty). The information relating to SIMS and happenings in and around the campus also comes under its banner.

KhabriBuffalo is an SMS based News service for SIMSites. Everyday KhabriBuffalo members receive two text messages on their mobile phone at around 2 pm and 7pm. These text messages have Business information feeds that are at max. 6-8 hours old.

QuizBee aims at increasing business knowledge via quiz sessions & value based discussions on current business topics, industries ,companies ,famous personalities etc. Quizzes are also conducted online and questions are updated on a regular basis for the quiz group.

iStations has further plans to expand and offer more innovative services in this ever-changing environment, targeted at increasing the Business knowledge of the Student Managers. The team's focus is to ensure that no news/information should escape from being shared as is rightly put across by istations' tagline..You snooze.You lose.


Abhigyata, the library committee of SIMS, is the initiative by the college library to connect to the students. A team of dedicated students assist the library to evaluate the academic needs of the students and faculty. Since its inception in August 2011, Abhigyata has very efficiently ensured the smooth functioning of book procurement, distribution and feedback. Some of the functions include regular meetings and discussions with the director of the institute to report and evaluate any new requirements from the students or the faculty. Also, the committee is responsible for assisting the SIU Central Library for the quarterly audit. With the coming years, Abhigyata hopes to be more efficient and useful to assist the students and faculty of the college.

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