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MBA Full Time
Full time 2 years MBA Programme spread over 4 semesters.

The specializations in major/minor mode offered includes Marketing, Finance, Operations, Information Systems, HRM, International Business

Marketing :
The curriculum focuses on leadership and executive management development in order to provide students with the skills and qualifications necessary to successfully target market strategies, consumer behavior, market research and product management.
Human Resource Management :
The course focuses on various facets of organizational design, motivation, leadership, strategic human resource management, compensation, negotiation, teams, managing change and business ethics.
Operations :
The operations curriculum focuses on the design and management of the processes by which products are manufactured and services are delivered to customers. The core course provides an overview of the field and Critical processes that enable service delivery systems, supply chain, and quality improvement efforts.
Finance :
The finance specialization is designed to provide a means for students to gain exposure to five major fields in the field of finance namely corporate finance, financial institutions, investments, insurance and personal financial planning including modules on portfolio management, financial analysis, decision making and international financial management.
International Business :
This specialization is intended to provide them with opportunities to acquire a deeper understanding of doing business in a global context. The course integrates international finance, strategy and marketing with rich cross-cultural material.
Information Systems :
The IT course builds the skills necessary to analyze business strategies and processes, identify IT related problems and opportunities, specify required IT capabilities and manage the design, implementation and evaluation of IT solutions.
Retail Management :
The specialization on Retail Management caters to the current needs of the growing retail market in India and covers courses related to visual merchandizing, store management, store location and inventory and logistics management. The students are imparted skills on opening and managing retail stores.
The curriculum focuses on dealing with issues that a potential entrepreneur must be aware of, much before starting the venture. It pertains to important concerns while starting a business, such as making a business plan and raising finance and also it addresses issues important to the day-to-day operations of an entrepreneurial enterprise, such as marketing, project management.
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